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Tuesday June 6th, 2023 night edition

image for Thousands gather for Utah Pride Parade with messages of hope, unity

Avery Miller, another participant at the parade, said the way the community gathers together creates a sense of safety.

"I love that there's a sense of unity, like there's so much love, and there's so much diversity, too.

"We moved to Utah last year just in time to come to this parade, and we've never seen a parade like it in our whole lives.".

Participants walk during the 2023 Utah Pride Parade in downtown Salt Lake City on Sunday.

Ghost Jensen, another participant holding a rainbow umbrella, noted the joy of attending a pride parade for the first time.

The LGBTQ Pride flag is seen past Scott and Lynne Barrett, during the 2023 Utah Pride Parade in downtown Salt Lake City on Sunday. »

Palestinian toddler shot by Israeli troops in West Bank dies of wounds

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A 2-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank last week has died of his wounds.

NEBI SALEH, West Bank -- A Palestinian toddler who was shot by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank last week died of his wounds on Monday, Israeli hospital officials said.

The Israeli military has said soldiers opened fire after gunmen in the area shot at a nearby Jewish settlement. »

U.S. Same-Sex Marriage Support Holds at 71% High

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Seventy-one percent of Americans think same-sex marriage should be legal, matching the high Gallup recorded in 2022.

Public support for legally recognizing gay marriages has been consistently above 50% since the early 2010s.

Then in 2015, just one month before the U.S. Supreme Court's Obergefell v. Hodges decision, public support for legalizing gay marriage cracked the 60% level. »

Exclusive: Ukraine has cultivated sabotage agents inside Russia and is giving them drones to stage attacks, sources say

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Ukraine has cultivated a network of agents and sympathizers inside Russia working to carry out acts of sabotage against Russian targets and has begun providing them with drones to stage attacks, multiple people familiar with US intelligence on the matter told CNN.

US officials believe these pro-Ukrainian agents inside Russia carried out a drone attack that targeted the Kremlin in early May by launching drones from within Russia rather than flying them from Ukraine into Moscow.

But US officials believe that Ukraine has developed sabotage cells inside Russia made up of a mix of pro-Ukrainian sympathizers and operatives well-trained in this kind of warfare. »

Sony CEO: Cloud gaming's "technical difficulties are high"

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Kenichiro Yoshida discussed cloud gaming in an interview with the Financial Times, where he said the PlayStation firm will continue to look at "various options" for cloud gaming but is said to have played down the risks Sony faces if the industry shifts towards this technology.

The CEO said latency is the biggest challenge that cloud gaming faces, but also pointed to various cost issues.

Sony was one of the early movers in cloud gaming, having acquired Gaikai in 2012 for $380 million and later purchased the technology of its rival OnLive. »