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Friday June 2nd, 2023 night edition

image for Markwayne Mullin Gets Laughs With Odd Comment During Hearing

“I’m not just calling you that chairman, you openly say that you’re a socialist in your book, Outsider in the House.

I’m a Democrat socialist,” Mullin continued, warning a socialist has oversight of the U.S. education system.

I have a book here, here in front of me called Our Skin,” Mullin continued, adding:.

‘A long time ago, way before you were born, a group of white people made up an idea called race.

So I ask everybody on the panel which one is better to teach this or the ‘Jesus Loves Me’ lyrics.

“But I’ll tell you, Senator Mullin, is that what children in these early years develop their identity.

Mullin then gave a closing statement in which he quoted “socialist-communist” Joseph Stalin to warn against a socialist takeover of U.S. education. »

Lauren Boebert Faces Scrutiny Over Absence From Debt Ceiling Vote

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Rep. Lauren Boebert narrowly missed the vote, running up the steps right as they gaveled.

Jon Cooper, who chairs the anti-Trump campaign group The Democratic Coalition, wrote: "Lauren Boebert was a vocal opponent of the bipartisan debt ceiling bill — but she ended up MISSING tonight's vote entirely.

Lauren Boebert was a vocal opponent of the bipartisan debt ceiling bill — but she ended up MISSING tonight’s vote entirely. »

Spider-Man 2 developer discusses balancing sequel's darker tone

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But while the setting and characters were familiar, the game's darker tone was not - something much discussed online afterwards by fans of Insomniac's previous games.

But this doesn't mean we will have to spend the entire game with a moody, bristling Peter Parker.

"It's really finding that balance between those darker themes and characters, but also delivering that very human story where there's a lot of heart and humour... »