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Sunday May 28th, 2023 day edition

image for Minnesota enacts right-to-repair law that covers more devices than any other state

But in demanding that manuals, tools, and parts be made available for most electronics and appliances, Minnesota's recently passed right-to-repair bill covers the most ground of any US state yet.

New York's bill, beset by lobbyists, was signed in modified form by Gov. Kathy Hochul late last year.

It also exempted motor vehicles and medical devices, as well as devices sold before July 1, 2023, and all "business-to-business" and "business-to-government" devices.

Colorado last month passed a repair bill aimed specifically at tractors and other agricultural machinery, set to take effect next year.

Minnesota's bill, by comparison, covers most electronic products sold on or after July 1, 2021, and doesn't allow for as much manufacturer discretion.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of repair vendor and advocate iFixit, and Gay Gordon-Byrne, director of, expressed disappointment with this carve-out.

While seemingly narrow, it remains to be seen how far manufacturers can stretch "critical" or "cybersecurity" in refusing to provide repair tools. »

President of Belarus hospitalised after meeting with Putin

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Valery Tsepkalo, Belarusian opposition leader, said that after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was taken to the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow in critical condition.

Quote: "According to the information we have, which needs additional confirmation, Lukashenko, after meeting with Putin behind closed doors, was urgently taken to the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow, where he is now located.

There, in particular, he said that Russian nuclear weapons had already begun to be transported to Belarus within the framework of bilateral agreements. »

Rwanda’s Health-Care Success Holds Lessons for Others

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Three developments stand out: low-cost community-based health insurance plans, national investments in rural health posts, and ramped-up foreign collaborations.

90 Percent More than 90 percent of Rwanda’s people had some kind of health insurance.

Owing to these efforts, in 2020, more than 90 percent of Rwanda’s people had some kind of health insurance. »

Nintendo sends Valve DMCA notice to block Steam release of Wii emulator Dolphin

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On Friday, the developers behind open source GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin received a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo blocking Dolphin's impending release on Steam.

"We were notified by Valve that Nintendo has issued a DMCA against Dolphin's Steam page, and have removed Dolphin from Steam until the matter is settled.

I've asked Valve for comment on the DMCA notice and will update this story if I receive a reply. »