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Thursday April 27th, 2023 morning edition

image for Biden says that a nuclear attack from North Korea would mean 'the end' of its regime

Biden says that a nuclear attack from North Korea would mean 'the end' of its regime.

President Biden on Tuesday said that any kind of nuclear attack from North Korea against South Korea or other U.S. allies would be met with an overwhelming response.

His remarks came during a state visit by by South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol where the two leaders agreed to formalize a series to steps to try to deter North Korea.

"Look, a nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies ... or partners is unacceptable and will result in the end of whatever regime to take such an action," Biden said during a press conference with Yoon.

Washington has made it clear it will not redeploy tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea, as hawks in both countries have called for.

As the declaration emphasizes U.S. commitments to defend South Korea, Seoul will in return reaffirm its commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

North Korea this month tested a new solid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, the latest addition to its growing nuclear arsenal. »

Republicans Just Banned Montana’s First Trans Legislator From the House Floor

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Zephyr said last week that Republicans will have “blood on their hands” for banning gender-affirming medical care for minors.

Republicans demanded she apologize, and legislative leaders have since refused to allow her to participate in floor debates until she does.

On Wednesday, as Montanans were banned from watching the proceedings from the House gallery, Republicans accused Zephyr of encouraging the Monday protests and putting the legislators and their staff “in danger.”. »

Kansas City considers becoming a transgender ‘safe haven’ in defiance of Missouri laws

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The Kansas City LGBTQ Commission recently released a letter urging city hall to pass legislation to declare the city a “safe haven” for gender-affirming care.

“In the City of Kansas City, we must take every action at our disposal to be proactive, reduce harm, and ensure that Kansas Citians have access to life saving healthcare.”.

We’ve just sent the following letter to the Kansas City Council: — LGBTQ Commission of Kansas City (@LGBTQCommission) April 20, 2023. »

Chinese social media users discover that using photo of Korean action star Ma Dong-seok as their profile picture gets better responses from landlords and customer service agents

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Chinese social media users are using Ma Dong-seok's photos as their profile pictures to receive better responses from landlords and customer service agents.

Chinese social media users have started using the photo of a Korean American action star to get better responses from landlords and customer service agents.

According to some Chinese social media users, using Ma Dong-seok's photos has made their lives easier and helped them solve tedious disputes and life administration tasks. »

China says it will send peace envoy to Ukraine

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China says it will send peace envoy to Ukraine.

A government statement reported by state TV gave no indication whether the Chinese envoy would visit Russia.

“China will send a special representative of the Chinese government on Eurasian affairs to Ukraine and other countries to conduct in-depth communication with all parties on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis,” the statement said. »