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Wednesday April 26th, 2023 night edition

image for Harry Belafonte, singer, actor and tireless activist, dies aged 96

Harry Belafonte, the singer, actor and civil rights activist who broke down racial barriers, has died aged 96.

The US president said Belafonte was a “groundbreaking American who used his talent and voice to help redeem the soul of our nation”.

“Harry Belafonte’s accomplishments are legendary and his legacy of outspoken advocacy, compassion, and respect for dignity will endure forever,” Biden said on Twitter.

The US news anchor Christiane Amanpour tweeted that he “inspired generations around the whole world in the struggle for non-violent resistance justice and change.

He returned to New York for high school but struggled with dyslexia and dropped out in his early teens.

Belafonte was married three times, first to Marguerite Byrd, from 1948 to 1957, with whom he had two daughters, activist Adrienne and actor Shari.

He had two further children with his second wife, Julie Robinson: actor Gina and music producer David. »

‘MAGA movement’ widely unpopular, new poll finds

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President Donald Trump is still unpopular and so is the political movement created in his image, according to a new national NBC News poll.

Just 24% of Americans have positive views of the movement, while 45% voice negative views.

These numbers come as President Joe Biden made Trump — and his movement — the centerpiece of his re-election launch video on Tuesday. »

Cannabis company offers jobs to all 400+ Burger King workers laid off in Michigan

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Unlike many cannabis businesses in Michigan , Stiiizy says it’s thriving because of its popular products and brand recognition.

”The company, which is based in California, plans to eventually add flower and edibles to its product line in Michigan, which will require even more workers.Stiiizy made the application process easy for former Burger King workers.

To apply, just email Stiiizy at [email protected] with your full name, phone number, and email address.The legal cannabis industry has created more than 32,000 jobs in Michigan. »

China doesn’t want peace in Ukraine, Czech president warns

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China cannot be trusted to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine, Czech President Petr Pavel is warning, telling POLITICO that Beijing benefits from prolonging the war.

And while most Western allies have been skeptical of the overtures, some countries like France insist China could play a major role in peace talks.

When it comes to Ukraine, he argued, China only wants what’s best for itself — and, for now, that’s more war. »

Texas Agency Threatens to Fire People Who Don’t Dress ‘Consistent With Their Biological Gender’

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One employee who spoke with the Observer said the policy “feels like it threatens the safety of anyone who doesn’t conform to the binary dress code.”.

The internal department memo is just the latest attempt by state officials in Texas to crack down on trans and gender non-conforming people.

ACLU of Texas attorney Brian Klosterboer told the Texas Tribune that Miller’s dress code policy violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which deals with employment discrimination. »