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Sunday April 9th, 2023 evening edition

image for Nebraska hasn't passed a single bill this session, amid filibusters over trans rights

Nebraska hasn't passed a single bill this session, amid filibusters over trans rights.

Nebraska lawmakers haven't passed a single bill this session, as a state lawmaker continues a weeks-long filibuster protest over trans rights and vows to "burn this session to the ground" if she has to.

Starting in February, Cavanaugh has filibustered every bill that has come before the legislature this session.

Under the bill's current version, physicians would be barred from providing gender-affirming procedures and care for Nebraska residents younger than 19.

Nebraska's bill is part of a nationwide trend in proposals targeting trans and LGBTQ people.

And so I don't think any policies that restrict the rights of children, because they are trans, are appropriate.

That is what I hope for every single day, it is what I am striving for every single day. »

Disney+ Adds Indigenous Language Dubs Of “Lion King”, “Moana”, &”Bambi”

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Three classic Disney animated films have had indigenous language versions added onto Disney+ today in a number of countries, including the US.

“Moana” is now available in Tahitian, which is a Polynesian language that is spoken in Tahiti and other islands in French Polynesia.

“Bambi” now has a version in Arapaho, which is an indigenous American language that is only spoken by roughly 1000 people. »

School Named after Slave Descendant Finds His Biography is “Inappropriate” for Students

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The district came back with a conclusion that parts of the book were “inappropriate” for the students, according to the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

“Life is so Good,” co-written by Dawson, was not one of the many books banned under anti-CRT legislation.

The politicization of education has made it so teachers and parents believe students are learning a biased side of history. »

Orange County, Va., Board revokes funding for arts center over drag design class

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The Orange County, Va., Board of Supervisors last week released its proposed fiscal year 2024 budget that removes $9,000 in funding it approved last year for the nonprofit Arts Center In Orange in response to plans by the center to host a design class taught by a local drag performer.

News media outlets in the Orange County area have reported that the Arts Center in Orange “indefinitely” postponed the class by the drag performer after opposition by county board members and others first surfaced in January.

A spokesperson for Equality Virginia, said the Board of Supervisors continued efforts to defund the Arts Center even though the “drag” class has never taken place. »

CD Projekt Red Quest Designer Emphasizes Quality Over Quantity for Cyberpunk 2077 Content

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Paweł Sasko, CD Projekt Red’s quest designer for the critically acclaimed game Cyberpunk 2077, recently reiterated the company’s commitment to delivering the highest quality content possible during a livestream on Twitch.

Sasko’s comments shed light on the decision-making process that determines which content makes it into the game, emphasizing that quality is always the top priority.

When questioned about new content for Cyberpunk 2077, Sasko remained elusive, stating he had “no knowledge about new content” from other departments. »