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Monday March 20th, 2023 evening edition

image for Texas abortion law means woman has to continue pregnancy despite fatal anomaly

Now, she's faced with carrying an unviable pregnancy to its end due to Texas' highly restrictive abortion ban.

Kylie Beaton is being forced to carry a pregnancy to term despite the fetus having a rare, fatal condition.

When he was finally released six months later, the couple started trying to have a baby right away, Beaton said.

Five Texas women who were denied abortions despite serious complications have sued the state of Texas, asking a judge to clarify exceptions to the new laws.

The abortion clinic, less than a mile from Texas, where abortion is now illegal, provides medical abortions for women who are flying and driving hundreds of miles across Texas.

Texas' anti-abortion law makes it a second-degree felony for any attempt by a medical professional to perform, induce or attempt an abortion, and a first-degree felony if the abortion is carried out.

Before this pregnancy, Beaton said she never would have considered getting an abortion. »

Not just Florida: The entire GOP is waging a nationwide racism-fueled war on public education

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The GOP war on education dramatically expanded last week in when the Republican-controlled state government in Texas wrested control of the House Independent School District from local leaders.

Racist hysteria is a not-exactly-subtle aspect of the entire GOP temper tantrum around schools.

DeSantis' war on "woke" is very much about using his power in Florida to push racist agenda on all national education. »

Spain passes law against domestic animal abuse

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Spanish lawmakers passed a law on animal welfare on Thursday, accompanied by a reform of the penal code which increases prison sentences for those mistreating animals.

This law will require “compulsory” training for dog owners, who will also be prohibited from leaving them alone for more than 24 hours.

This sentence increases to two years if the animal dies, or even three in the event of aggravating circumstances. »

Some Trump supporters ambivalent on calls for protests

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams said officials are “monitoring comments on social media” after being asked about reports of a possible Trump indictment.

In fact, a prominent organizer of rallies that preceded the Capitol riot posted on Twitter that he intended to remain on the sidelines.

Alexander posted that he had spoken to Jones and said that neither of them would be protesting this time around. »

Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile

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It is quite possible to imagine the targeted use of hypersonic Oniks from the North Sea by a Russian ship at The Hague court building.

And the court is just a poor international organisation, not the population of a NATO country.

All member states of the International Criminal Court (ICC) are now legally bound to detain Vladimir Putin and hand him over to the court. »