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Thursday March 2nd, 2023 morning edition

image for Video appears to show Texas drag bill author dressed in drag

A Texas lawmaker who authored a bill that would restrict drag performances appears to have dressed in drag himself while a student.

Schatzline, a first-term state representative and former pastor, did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

However, in a tweet shared Tuesday, he appeared to confirm his participation in the video.

Yah, that’s not a sexually explicit drag show… lol y’all will twist ANYTHING,” he wrote.

While Schatzline’s performance in the video would meet most dictionary definitions of “drag,” it is unclear whether it would be prohibited under the legislation Schatzline introduced in January.

The emergence of Schatzline’s video came several days after an image of what appears to be Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee dressed in drag as a high school student was shared on Reddit and Twitter.

The video of the Texas lawmaker also comes about a month after an image emerged on social media that appeared to show embattled Republican Rep. George Santos of New York in drag. »

Exclusive-US seeks allies' backing for possible China sanctions over Ukraine war -sources

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Washington and its allies have said in recent weeks that China was considering providing weapons to Russia, which Beijing denies.

Asked about the consultations, a White House National Security Council spokesperson said Russia's war made it difficult for China with Europe and others.

Washington should make China choose between access to the U.S. financial system or aiding Russia's war, Ruggiero said, citing the sanctions approach to Iran and North Korea. »

Japan’s birth rate plunges to new record low; politician blames citizens' lack of 'romantic ability'

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Japan’s birth rate has plunged to a new record low, undermining the country’s initiatives to remedy its aging population.

The birth rate is the lowest since the ministry began record-keeping in 1899, falling to a record low for the seventh consecutive year.

South Korea beat its own record for the world’s lowest fertility rate, falling to 0.78 children per woman in 2022. »

Final Fantasy 16 has 11 hours of cinematics alone

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Final Fantasy 16 is almost a direct reply to that; an apology, a way of Square Enix to show it knows how to release a proper, fully-fledged game.

Final Fantasy 16 is a return to form, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the finished product.

Final Fantasy 16 will release on June 22, 2023 for PlayStation 5. »

Iran can make fissile material for a bomb 'in about 12 days' - U.S. official

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WASHINGTON, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Iran could make enough fissile for one nuclear bomb in "about 12 days," a top U.S. Defense Department official said on Tuesday, down from the estimated one year it would have taken while the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was in effect.

Back in 2018, when the previous administration decided to leave the JCPOA it would have taken Iran about 12 months to produce one bomb's worth of fissile material.

While U.S. officials say Iran has grown closer to producing fissile material they do not believe it has mastered the technology to actually build a bomb. »