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Tuesday February 28th, 2023 evening edition

image for Kremlin complains of Scholz and Macron not contacting Putin at all lately

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, has stated that Vladimir Putin remains open to negotiations about Ukraine, but neither German Chancellor Olaf Scholz nor French President Emmanuel Macron, with whom the Kremlin wants to be in touch, are contacting Russia at the moment at all.

Quote from Peskov: "We have heard a lot of statements from Scholz and Macron, who said they would continue to speak with Putin in order to look for some ways out of the situation.

Details: Peskov has recalled that Macron declared his readiness to call Putin five or six times, but the Kremlin has not received any requests for such a conversation.

"Everybody has to know this: there were no requests or considerations of possible time frames for such a conversation," Peskov added.

Nevertheless, the Russian President's press secretary has said that Putin remains open to "any contacts that will help Russia achieve its own goals through various means".

"Mainly peaceful ones, at the negotiation table, but when that is not possible, with military ways, as we see now," he explained.

Peskov claimed that Moscow studies the "peaceful plan" of China but so far sees no reasons to go "in a peaceful direction". »

DPS sent at least 3,000 driver’s licenses to organized crime group targeting Asian Texans

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The Texas Department of Public Safety was duped into shipping at least 3,000 Texas driver’s licenses to a Chinese organized crime group that targeted Asian Texans, DPS Director Steve McCraw told a Texas House committee on Monday.

The organization was then selling the licenses, obtained using the personal information of Texas drivers, to people in the country illegally, McCraw said.

The agency, which discovered the scheme in December, will begin notifying victims in letters to be sent out this week, the DPS chief said. »

China’s First Proxy War in Africa: Why is the State Department Siding With Beijing?

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Also self-defeating is the State Department’s boilerplate call “for an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Lascanood… [amidst] the tragic loss of life and violence.”

It was only a matter of time, but China has now sparked its first African proxy war.

It is time for Secretary of State Antony Blinken to refine policy and explain the State Department’s kneejerk deference to China’s interests. »

Police Found the Missing Skull of a Murdered Socialite in a Pot of Soup

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After deploying dogs and drones, scouring a cemetery, and searching sewage manholes, police in Hong Kong have found the missing skull of a socialite whose gruesome murder has shocked the city.

Her ex-husband and three members of his family have been arrested and charged in connection with her murder.

Police spent days searching for missing body parts, only to find the skull in a pot from the initial crime scene at the village house. »

Over 500 students are at the Supreme Court to plug Biden's student-loan forgiveness because the 'economic mobility of over 40 million Americans is dependent on the survival of this program'

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The Supreme Court will hear arguments and likely make a final decision on the relief in May or June.

The steps of the Supreme Court will be flooded on Tuesday with students, borrowers, and advocates as President Joe Biden's student-loan forgiveness plan enters the chamber.

All eyes now turn to the conservative-majority Supreme Court, which will likely make a final ruling on Biden's debt relief in May or June. »