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Wednesday February 15th, 2023 evening edition

image for Republicans would rather kids be shot than let them read books

Republicans know exactly what they believe is the greatest threat to American students: books.

Republicans are also deeply worried that a child might enjoy a drag queen story hour, in which drag performers use their skills at entertaining a crowd to get kids excited about reading.

Of course, considering the Republican hostility to children reading, the "story hour" may be as offensive to them as the "drag" part.

At this point, the Republican callousness to the carnage is so baked in that it barely feels worth remarking upon.

To make it worse, what little Republicans are willing to do in Congress is in real danger of being dismantled by Republicans in the federal courts.

The threat of the targeted books is not to students, who will only benefit from learning more about the world around them.

A murdered child, after all, is unlikely to think for themselves, much less grow up to vote against Republicans. »

Apex Legends Devs Want it to 'Last 20 Years Like Counter-Strike'

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"Where we want to get to is that Apex is going to last for 20 years like Counterstrike.

Nikolich likens Apex Legends to traditional sports, explaining that games like basketball have evolved over the years as well.

Apex Legends Season 16, which adds the first new weapon in a while in the Nemesis energy assault rifle, launches today. »

What China Has Learned From the Ukraine War

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Historically, China has criticized sanctions launched unilaterally by countries—most notably, the United States—as an illegitimate incursion on the targeted country’s sovereignty.

China will, however, try to absorb lessons from Russia’s Ukraine experience about how to plug vulnerabilities, assure resilience, and create more options.

China can wield frightening influence over its individual trading partners, but it does not have a corresponding coalition to muster. »

Fox News Loses Bid To Shut Down Voting Tech Company's Multibillion-Dollar Lawsuit

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It hailed the ruling as a step toward holding Fox News accountable for amplifying unsupported and damaging claims from Trump’s lawyers.

Fox News cast the case as an attempt to chill journalism, expressing confidence the network ultimately would prevail.

Smartmatic accuses the conservative network of spreading lies that it helped “steal” the 2020 election from Donald Trump. »