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Monday February 13rd, 2023 day edition

image for Taiwan Says ‘Dozens’ Of Chinese Spy Balloons Have Entered Its Airspace In Recent Years: Report

Taiwan has seen “dozens” of Chinese spy balloons enter its airspace during recent years, with the latest just a few weeks ago, according to a new report from the Financial Times.

The report marks the first time Taiwan has acknowledged such a large incursion into its territory and cites an unnamed senior Taiwanese official.

“Previously, Taiwan’s defense ministry had only confirmed one incident in February last year, in which multiple Chinese balloons in four batches loitered over the north of the country,” the new report from the Financial Times explains.

The spy balloons over Taiwan are suspected to be the kinds of reconnaissance necessary for a full-scale invasion of the country, something Beijing has threatened on various occasions because it believes Taiwan is rightfully Chinese territory.

Taiwan has been operating independently of the Chinese mainland since 1949.

The Financial Times reports that experts believe the balloons seen over Taiwan were developed by the Equipment Development Department, which develops weapons under China’s Central Military Commission.

News of the incursions by China come as Taiwan’s ally, the United States, has been taken over with UFO mania in recent weeks. »

Toxic gases connected to Ohio train derailment cause concern

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After toxic chemicals were released into the air from a wrecked train in Ohio, evacuated residents remain in the dark about what toxic substances are lingering in their vacated neighborhoods while they await approval to return home.

Days after crews released and burned toxic chemicals transported by a wrecked train in Ohio, residents remain concerned about the toxic substances that could be lingering in their evacuated neighborhoods. »

Assassin's Creed Origins director leaves Ubisoft

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Ubisoft veteran Jean Guesdon has left Ubisoft Montreal after almost two decades.

Guesdon's credits at Ubisoft include working as creative director on Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Origins.

Ubisoft has faced several departures in the past couple of years, and Guesdon is the most recent senior developer to have joined them. »

U.S. shoots down mysterious object near Canadian border

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On President Joe Biden's order, a U.S. F-16 fighter shot down the object at 2:42 p.m. local time over Lake Huron on the U.S.-Canada border, Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said in an official statement.

The object was believed to be the same as one recently detected over Montana near sensitive military sites, prompting the closure of U.S. airspace, the Pentagon said.

The military will try to recover the object downed over Lake Huron to learn more about it, VanHerck told reporters. »