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Tuesday January 31st, 2023 morning edition

image for George Washington University installs emergency contraception vending machine

A vending machine that provides emergency contraception has been installed at a Washington DC university, as colleges contend with how to protect reproductive rights on campus.

“You could get Doritos and Plan B at the same time,” George Washington University senior Aiza Saeed, who helped lead efforts to get the machine installed, told the Washington Post.

EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION: This morning, GW University installed a vending machine on campus that sells emergency contraception pills (aka Plan B) for $25.

While George Washington University already offered its students emergency contraception through its student health center, the vending machine offered another accessible option.

Most feedback on the idea was about making sure the machine was discreet and private for students seeking emergency contraception.

Boston University installed a vending machine that provides emergency contraception pills in July, following activism from students on campus.

Thanks to the vending machine, “morning after” pills at the university are now available for only $7.25, reported NBC Boston. »

Tylenol murder investigators order new DNA tests on key evidence from 1982

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"I'm assuming there's got to be some other DNA on that bottle," Laura said of the bottle her mother purchased in 1982.

Much of the evidence in the Tylenol murders is decades old and has been tested for DNA and fingerprints multiple times since 1982.

Forty years later, Linda Morgan still feels lucky she ultimately decided not to take the Tylenol she purchased that day in 1982. »

The Wagner Group is Recruiting in Serbia

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The Wagner Group also published a video where Serbians appeared to have been training together with Russian soldiers.

Overall, the Wagner Group appears to have appealed to right-wing nationalists in Serbia with its recruiting drive.

The labelling of the Wagner Group as a criminal organisation has also led to a series of sanctions against it and against those who aid the Wagner Group. »

DOJ has reportedly opened a criminal investigation into George Santos’s campaign finances

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Earlier this month, the campaign watchdog group Campaign Legal Center asked the FEC to investigate the $705,000 that Santos said he loaned to his campaign.

More recently, the Santos campaign submitted paperwork to the FEC last week listing consultant Thomas Datwyler as its new treasurer.

The DOJ’s request “indicates there’s an active criminal investigation” of issues that overlap with the FEC’s probes, according to Brett Kappel, a D.C.-based campaign finance lawyer. »