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Sunday January 29th, 2023 evening edition

image for Never again: How a 'lesson of 2011' shaped Biden's no-negotiation stance on debt limit

“They said: This is the sad lesson we’ve learned,” the Obama official said, describing the mood in the room.

His stance has drawn a rebuke from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who said he’s “disappointed” but has remained steadfast in his call for spending cuts.

“It is possible we will eventually see House Republicans put forth a plan for dealing with both the debt limit and the spending problem.

After 2011, the Obama White House drew a hard line when the debt limit deadline came up again in early 2013.

House Republicans relented, attaching a debt limit extension to a symbolic measure calling for passing a budget.

“Everyone seems to have forgotten that there was a debt limit standoff in 2013 where Obama adopted the no-negotiation approach and prevailed with a clean debt limit,” he said.

It’s not clear McCarthy knows what’s really at stake or has the savvy to avoid default,” Pfeiffer said in an email. »

GTA The Trilogy To Get New Patch On Steam For Fixing Issues

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It appears that GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will be receiving a patch on Steam in order to fix its glaring technical issues.

Rockstar Games may be working on a patch for GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, based on recent activity seen on the Steam Database.

The major patch that was supposed to have fixed a large number of the glaring technical issues with GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition hardly fixed any of said issues. »

Microsoft accuses Sony of misleading EU over Call of Duty parity

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Microsoft has accused Sony of misleading the EU regulator over its commitment to keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation, should its acquisition of Activision Blizzard be approved.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan reportedly met EU antitrust boss Margrethe Vestager this week to discuss its concerns over the rival console firm’s intentions.

“I hear Sony is briefing people in Brussels claiming Microsoft is unwilling to offer them parity for Call of Duty if we acquire Activision,” wrote Frank X. Shaw. »

Yale Honors Young Scientist Who Was the Subject of a Police Complaint

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The collection, which was officially entered into the museum’s database, will be forever associated with Bobbi’s name as the donor scientist.

“Yale doesn’t normally do anything like this … this is something unique to Bobbi,” said Yale School of Public Health Assistant Professor Ijeoma Opara, who organized the event.

News of Bobbi’s incident with police was picked up by national media outlets CNN and Good Morning America and prompted discussions about racial profiling. »