Twitter HQ staff using their own toilet paper after Elon Musks fires janitors, NYT says

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Before the start of 2023, Twitter CEO Elon Musk made several cuts and changes to the platform and staff since his takeover. Some of these changes are now allegedly causing a literal stink.

Twitter’s remaining employees are having to bring their own toilet paper to the platform’s San Francisco headquarters, according to the New York Times.

“The office [is] in disarray,” according to The Times. “With people packed into more confined spaces, the smell of leftover takeout food and body odor has lingered on the floors, according to four current and former employees. Bathrooms have grown dirty, these people said.”

Early in December, Musk terminated the contract with the janitors who cleaned the building, firing them. They went on strike less than 24 hours prior claiming unfair labor practices.

Along with firing janitors at Twitter’s New York City offices, according to the Times, Musk has attempted to cut costs across the company. Measures included not paying rent in San Francisco, which has led to Twitter being sued for not paying $136,260 in rent money, according to CBS News.

Musk has also limited the number of floors used by Twitter in San Francisco from four to two, the Times reported. The newspaper also said Twitter will close its Seattle offices as it faces eviction. Twitter Seattle employees were previously demanded to work from home despite Musk’s in-person work directive, according to the Seattle Times.

This comes weeks after Musk announced he would resign as head of Twitter until a successor is chosen, according to ABC News. He previously ran a Twitter poll asking users if he should step down as CEO. Rather than “abide by the results of this poll,” Musk limited polling on Twitter policy to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Earlier in December, San Francisco officials said they were investigating Twitter’s headquarters after it was alleged that the company had illegally turned some of its office space into bedrooms.

YsoL8 on January 2nd, 2023 at 22:31 UTC »

Reminder that this man wants to build a Mars base

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IAlreadyFappedToIt on January 2nd, 2023 at 21:23 UTC »

OSHA requires that employers "provide all workers with sanitary and immediately-available toilet facilities."

I would argue that workplace restrooms which lack sufficient toilet paper, hand soap, lighting, waste receptacles, or hot running water for extended or oft repeated periods of time are unsanitary and against the law. And while I would fully expect a restroom like that in the back of a run down autobody shop, I'd expect better from a silicon valley corporate office.

InternetPeon on January 2nd, 2023 at 21:19 UTC »

Ah yes the guy not providing toilet paper to the staff is about to expose Fauci and tell us all how to manage a public health crisis