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Friday December 23rd, 2022 evening edition

image for Iran warns Zelensky to stop saying it gives Russia drones: ‘Patience not endless’

Addressing the US Congress on Wednesday, Zelensky railed at Moscow’s increasing use of missiles and drones to target Ukrainian cities out of Russian artillery range.

“Russia found an ally in this, in this genocidal policy: Iran,” he said.

“Iranian deadly drones sent to Russia in hundreds and hundreds became a threat to our critical infrastructure.

“It is just a matter of time [before] they will strike against your other allies if we do not stop them now.

“Mr. Zelensky had better know that Iran’s strategic patience over such unfounded accusations is not endless,” spokesman Nasser Kanaani was quoted as saying in a ministry statement.

Both the United States and European Union have sanctioned Iranian firms and entities involved in the transfer of drones to Russia.

On Sunday, Kanaani said Iran would not “seek permission from anyone” to expand ties with Russia, dismissing US concerns over a growing military partnership between Tehran and Moscow. »

GUNNA Drinks deliver cheeky Christmas message to Coca-Cola

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The award-winning craft lemonade brand have created a middle finger sculpture made of discarded plastic Coca-Cola bottles with the message 'Pick Up Your C***' for Christmas.

The GUNNA team have hand delivered the unique "message made of bottles" to Coca-Cola's flagship London store in Covent Garden.

The GUNNA team has pledged to go even further and will lobby the UK government to take action against plastic bottles. »

Hallowell restaurant cited for 691 child labor law violations, fined $17,275

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HALLOWELL — The Quarry Tap Room in downtown Hallowell was cited earlier this year for almost 700 child labor law violations over a two-year period, carrying a $17,275 penalty.

The bar and restaurant was cited in July for a total of 691 child labor law violations involving about a dozen workers, with the total penalty being $172,750.

According to the Maine Department of Labor’s 2021 Annual Report on Wage and Hour Complaints, a total of 514 child labor violations were reported statewide last year. »

Paradoxes of Russia’s war against Ukraine: Can political science help?

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Pundits from political science and international relations were tirelessly trying to discern the logic of the invasion and interpret Russia’s ultimate intentions.

Any rationalization of Russian aggression is an uneasy task for analysts, and the ongoing war is full of paradoxes.

Of course, there are plenty of other inputs from political science and international relations that can be instrumental for constructing the genealogy of the current war. »

Patriot missiles to Ukraine: US regaining escalation dominance?

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The addition of the Patriot missile system will offer a long-range capability for defending Ukraine from cruise and ballistic missiles, intercepting missiles within a 100-mile radius and at heights up to 79,000ft.

Russia has already said that the Patriot system would be a “legitimate target” for attacks, and warned that the delivery of the system would be seen as an escalation.

A strictly tactical implication of this would be that the enhanced range of Iranian supplied missiles would require the increased capabilities of the Patriot missile system to offer effective defence. »