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Wednesday December 14th, 2022 evening edition

image for Iran ousted from U.N. women's commission after U.S. campaign

On Wednesday, 29 voted in favor, eight against and there were 16 abstentions. U.S.

Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told ECOSOC before the vote that removing Iran was the right thing to do, describing Tehran’s membership as an “ugly stain on the commission’s credibility.”.

Ambassador Amir Saeid Iravani called the U.S. move as illegal, describing the United States as a bully.

The 45-member Commission on the Status of Women meets annually every March and aims to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Only five of the signatories to the letter are currently ECOSOC members and were able to vote on Wednesday.

Iran has blamed its foreign enemies and their agents for the unrest.

Tehran accused Western states of using the council to target Iran in an "appalling and disgraceful" move. »

Subnautica Living Large Update Released

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We’re delighted to bring you the long-awaited 2.0 update to Subnautica across all platforms.

Our goal was always to bring both Subnautica and Below Zero onto unified versions of Unity, and with today’s update, that goal has been achieved.

We’ve also added some base pieces to Subnautica that were previously only available in Below Zero, specifically the Large Room, Glass Dome, and surface hatches. »

Olaf Scholz: Putin has not achieved a single goal in Ukraine – DW – 12

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed in his mission to divide Europe, damage democracy and take Ukraine quickly, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told lawmakers in Berlin.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Wednesday that Vladimir Putin had made a fundamental miscalculation by sending troops into Ukraine, adding that the Russian president had not achieved "a single goal" set before the attack.

Addressing lawmakers in Germany's Bundestag, Scholz said that Putin's conviction that Russia would win and Ukraine would fall within days, was a massive underestimation. »

U.S. Postal Service honors the late civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis with a stamp

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Postal Service honors the late civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis with a stamp.

Civil rights giant and former U.S. Rep. John Lewis, who spent decades fighting for racial justice, will be honored with a postage stamp next year.

"Lewis spent more than 30 years in Congress steadfastly defending and building on key civil rights gains that he had helped achieve in the 1960s. »

Scientists finally found the clitoris on snakes – and there are two

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Female snakes have not one, but two clitorises, according to research documenting the first formal evidence of the sexual organ in snakes.

This two-part clitoris, called a hemiclitoris, is present in at least nine snake species.

“But there’s now a brilliant community of scientists looking into female genitalia, which is really exciting stuff.”. »