Putin makes extraordinary claim only Russia can protect Ukraine from Polish invasion

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According to Vladimir Putin, Poland has grand designs on Ukraine and has made the bold claim that Russia is the country's only saving grace. According to Faytuks News, Putin claims that Russia is the only guarantor of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

It reported on its Twitter account: "Poland wants to seize territories in western Ukraine. Russia could be the only guarantor of Ukraine's territorial integrity, Putin says.

"Nationalist elements in Poland 'sleep and see' in order to take western Ukraine, which Ukraine received thanks to Stalin's decisions after WW2.

"This will be the case, the only real guarantor of Ukraine's territorial integrity within its current borders could be Russia - Putin."

It follows on from news on Tuesday morning, when reports came in that an oil storage tank had exploded near Kursk city in the Bryansk region of Russia.

Roman Starovoyt, the Governor of Kursk, had blamed the attack on a Ukrainian drone, but Ukraine has not taken responsibility for the strike.

The Russian news outlet Baza reported that two drones "fell and exploded three meters from diesel fuel tanks."

The media organisation said: "At this point, the five-ton tanks were empty and a serious fire was avoided."

Kursk's Governor, Mr Starovoyt, said there were no casualties but that fighters had been tackling a 500 square-meter blaze.

On Tuesday afternoon, it was confirmed that Putin had met with his Security Council to ensure discuss Russia's "domestic security" after the drone strike.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin's official spokesman, said, officials were taking "necessary" measures to protect Russia from Ukrainian attacks.

When asked how the drone strikes by reporters, Mr Peskov said: "Of course, the line openly declared by the Ukrainian regime to continue such terrorist acts is a danger factor."

The drone strike on Tuesday is the second drone attack in Russia this week, as Russia's Defense Ministry reported that Ukrainian drones had attacked two airbases on Monday.

Russia's Defense Ministry also reported that the drone strikes killed three servicemen while wounding four other men in south-central Russia.

The drone strikes are significant as they would be the farthest into Russian territory Ukraine has managed to attack since the war began.

The attacks took place at the Engels-2 and Dyagilevo airbases in Saratov and Ryazan, which caused two aircrafts to be damaged

Ukraine has also not claimed responsibility for the attack, however, a senior Ukrainian official spoke to the New York Times and said the drone attack had been launched from Ukraine's territory.

W0rdWaster on December 8th, 2022 at 03:04 UTC »

The Polish strategy of "give your enemy a ton of weapons before invading" will go down forever as one of history's most cunning military moves ever, of all time.

ArmsForPeace84 on December 8th, 2022 at 00:27 UTC »

And they say Zelensky is the comedian.

pinkygonzales on December 8th, 2022 at 00:09 UTC »

Who better to protect Ukranians than the guy that is currently blowing them up himself?