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Tuesday October 11st, 2022 day edition

image for Cassidy Hutchinson, who delivered bombshell testimony about Trump's conduct on Jan. 6, agrees to cooperate with Georgia prosecutor investigating 2020 election tampering: report

Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson is cooperating with Georgia district attorney Fani Willis.

Hutchinson told January 6 investigators about Donald Trump's efforts to undo the 2020 election.

Willis is looking into Trump's alleged interference in Georgia's election results.

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Willis has been trying to get Meadows to testify for months, but the former Trump White House chief of staff has yet to cooperate.

Trump, who initially wrote Hutchinson off as someone he hardly knew, recently said that he had to think twice about denouncing her story because it made him sound tough. »

Monterrey inicia plan de corredores verdes con Parque Lago

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El plan busca integrar una solución que combata la emergencia climática, así como las desigualdades producidas por la falta de infraestructura urbana verde.

Se espera que dichos proyectos añadan al inventario municipal de árboles más de 20 mil ejemplares nativos.

Se prevé integrar en el proyecto más de 800 árboles nativos nuevos y beneficiar directamente a una población de 120 mil habitantes. »

U.S. States That Wish to Join Russia Will Be Considered, Says Duma Member

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A senior member of the state Duma, Russia's parliament, said that any U.S. states that want to break away from the country and instead join the Russian Federation will be considered.

State Duma deputy Alexander Tolmachev was responding to an online poll that showed that some Americans wanted their states to break free from the U.S.

If Americans vote to secede some states from the country and express a desire to join Russia, Moscow will consider it, Tolmachev told Russian news site Podmoskovye Segodnya. »

The World According to Xi Jinping

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Xi has pushed politics to the Leninist left, economics to the Marxist left, and foreign policy to the nationalist right.

Finally, in 2019, Xi introduced a party-wide education campaign titled “Don’t Forget the Party’s Original Purpose, Keep the Mission in Mind.”

But China is not the Soviet Union, not least because China now has the second-largest economy in the world. »

Mark Meadows told Biden's incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, during the presidential transition that 'no president' received a daily intelligence briefing, book says

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Mark Meadows told Ron Klain "no president" received a daily intelligence briefing, a new book says.

In "Confidence Man," Maggie Haberman says Klain asked for Biden to get a daily intelligence brief.

"I know the president's saying these things," Meadows told Klain at the time, according to the book. »