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Thursday October 6th, 2022 day edition

image for President On Hot Mic With Florida Official: ‘No One F**ks With A Biden’

Murphy can be heard thanking Biden for coming to the state before both officials exchanged the phrase, “Keep the faith.”.

“No one fucks with a Biden,” the president told Murphy while shaking his hand.

While much of the conversation was inaudible, Biden followed his comment by saying, “You can’t argue with reporters outside the house.”

The exchange was at least the second time Biden was caught on a hot mic dropping expletives.

Doocy later said Biden called him after the incident and that the two had a “nice call.”.

Biden was touring Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel, two of the worst-hit areas thanks to Hurricane Ian.

Biden was joined by DeSantis and Republican Sen. Rick Scott, another staunch critic. »

Why Gen Zers are growing up sober curious

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“I like going home safely and remembering the people I met, so sober nights work well for me.”.

“Friends who haven’t limited their drinking as much as me think it’s cool when people go out sober,” she explains.

But Gen Zers are taking it slow as they enter adulthood, either by not drinking at all, or drinking less often and in less quantity than older generations. »

LAPD Officer Killed During Training Exercise Was Reportedly Investigating Cops Accused of Gang Rape

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The family of a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer killed during a training exercise is suing the department for wrongful death.

The training at which he sustained injuries "was supposed to be bicycle training," but somehow wound up entailing the "grappling exercise" that the LAPD says killed him.

Gage could not confirm that the officer accused of rape was the officer directly engaged in the training exercise with Tipping. »

Mexican mayor among 18 dead in mass shooting

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One of the attacks on Wednesday afternoon happened when an armed group opened fire at city hall in San Miguel Totolapan, in the state of Guerrero.

Photos from the scene showed outer walls which were riddled with dozens of bullet holes.

Among those killed are Mayor Conrado Mendoza, his father and former Mayor Juan Mendoza and other city officials. »