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Thursday September 22nd, 2022 night edition

image for Insurers force change on police departments long resistant to it

The forced changes prompted Jimenez to equip his patrol cars with new technology to help nab motorists who try to outrun police.

While dozens of arrests have been made using the GPS technology, overall arrests in the city have fallen more than 30 percent since the change.

“It’s an indictment on St. Ann police and their priorities that the voice of their insurers spoke louder than human lives,” Chasnoff said.

The insurer’s demands for St. Ann police also affected departments beyond this blue-collar town of about 13,000 people.

The city is just one of a dozen in the St. Louis risk pool, which has required each city to overhaul its police pursuit policy.

There is no public data tracking how many police departments have made policy changes at the behest of their insurers.

Because of increased demand from troubled departments for its services, the California group has begun offering coverage nationwide. »

Putin Ally Dies After Falling Down Stairs on Day of Russia Mobilization

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The former head of the Moscow Aviation Institute has died after falling down "several flights of stairs," the institute reported Wednesday.

Anatoly Gerashchenko, scientist and ex-rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, died after falling down the stairs at the institute — Russian Market (@runews) September 21, 2022.

Gerashchenko's death was announced on the day Putin declare partial mobilization in Russia. »

Xi's views on Russia have not soured | Brian Wong

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Contrary to popular opinion, argues Brian Wong, the China-Russia alliance has not soured after Xi’s meeting with Putin at the SCO summit in Samarkand last week.

The Sino-Russian relationship has taken on added importance in the aftermath of Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine in February 2022.

Indeed, when taking into consideration the two countries’ precise regional and security interests, the alignment between the two states remains strained by fundamental incompatibilities. »

FBI investigate hacker allegedly behind Rockstar GTA 6 leak

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The hacker who claimed responsibility for this weekend's enormous leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 material is now being investigated by the FBI.

"There are also reports over the weekend that this same actor breached video game maker Rockstar Games," Uber wrote in a newly-updated blog.

"We are in close coordination with the FBI and US Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts.". »