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Saturday August 27th, 2022 morning edition

image for Former Anti-Abortion Texas Right to Life political director charged with soliciting sex from minor – KION546

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) — The former political director for Texas Right to Life was arrested and charged with soliciting sex from a minor earlier this month, according to county records.

Records show Lucas “Luke” Bowen was arrested and charged on Aug. 3 in Conroe.

Bowen was fired from the anti-abortion organization after being accused of soliciting sex from a minor online, according to Texas Right to Life.

“Upon being notified of (Bowen’s) arrest, his employment was immediately terminated by Texas Right to Life on Aug. 3.

As a Christian organization, we do not tolerate criminal activity or behavior contrary to biblical morality,” Texas Right to Life said in a statement sent to Eyewitness News.

Court records show that Bowen pleaded not guilty to the solicitation charge on Aug. 16 and paid his $50,000 bond.

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Spain passes ‘only yes means yes’ sexual consent law

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Spain’s congress has passed legislation referred to as the “only yes means yes law”, drawn up in the wake of the “wolf pack” gang rape in 2016.

However, sexual activity with a minor could still be charged as sexual abuse rather than sexual aggression, unless there was “violence or intimidation”.

The new law removes the distinction between sexual abuse and sexual aggression (rape) by making explicit that consent is the deciding factor. »

Nintendo responds to PlayStation price hike

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Nintendo has joined Microsoft in responding to this week's shock PlayStation 5 price hike, and said it had "no plans" to similarly bump up the Nintendo Switch's cost.

In a statement issued to Eurogamer this morning, Nintendo confirmed it had "no plans to increase the trade price of its hardware".

"While the final price to consumers is always determined by retailers, as Mr Furukawa stated, Nintendo has no plans to increase the trade price of its hardware.". »

Elizabeth Warren points out Mitch McConnell graduated from a school that cost $330 a year amid his criticisms of Biden's student-loan forgiveness: 'He can spare us the lectures on fairness'

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Elizabeth Warren pushed back, noting that McConnell went to college when tuition was $330 a year.

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"Senator McConnell graduated from a school that cost $330 a year," Warren wrote on Twitter on Thursday. »