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Sunday August 21st, 2022 night edition

image for Black couple sues after they say home valuation rises nearly $300,000 when shown by White colleague

JUST WATCHED Black homeowner's appraisal doubled after White friend stood in for her Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Black homeowner's appraisal doubled after White friend stood in for her 04:56.

According to the complaint, Connolly and Mott are Black professors at Johns Hopkins University who applied to to refinance the mortgage on their four-bedroom home in Homeland, Maryland, a predominantly White Baltimore neighborhood.

Lanham's company, 20/20 Valuations, performed the appraisal for loanDepot and returned a valuation that was more than $75,000 below the conservative estimate of valuation which loanDepot had given the couple, according to the lawsuit.

LoanDepot denied the couple the mortgage refinance because of the low valuation, according to the complaint.

JUST WATCHED Black real estate agent and Black clients handcuffed while touring a home speak out Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Black real estate agent and Black clients handcuffed while touring a home speak out 06:46.

"Plaintiffs were shocked at the appraisal and recognized that the low valuation was because of racial discrimination.

They told this to their loanDepot loan officer and challenged the appraisal in a detailed letter," the suit reads. »

Russia accuses Kyiv of poisoning some of its soldiers in Ukraine

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An adviser to Ukraine's interior ministry said in response that the alleged poisoning could have been caused by Russian forces eating expired canned meat.

The Russian defence ministry said a number of Russian servicemen had been taken to a military hospital with signs of serious poisoning on July 31.

Ukraine and Western countries view it as an unprovoked war of conquest aimed at wiping out Ukraine's national identity. »

Man who intended to resell body parts on Facebook allegedly bought stolen human remains, police say

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Jeremy Lee Pauley, 40, of Enola, Pennsylvania, is free on $50,000 bond after police say he tried to buy stolen human remains from an Arkansas woman for possible resale on Facebook.

Investigators allege that Pauley arranged to pay the Arkansas woman $4,000 for the body parts through Facebook Messenger.

However, its community standards prohibit human exploitation and explicitly prohibit selling body parts through its commercial policies and advertising policies. »

Pakistan's Madhubala elephant gets relief after years of dental pain

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KARACHI, Pakistan, Aug 17 (Reuters) - Madhubala, a 16-year-old elephant in Pakistan suffering for years from a dental infection and pain caused by a broken tusk, finally got relief on Wednesday after undergoing treatment while under unique standing sedation.

The veterinarians had to use drills and other heavy surgical tools to extract the infected tusk which came out in bits and pieces.

During the five- to six-hour procedure, Madhubala did not put up much resistance as she was kept sedated. »

Russia, Ukraine, And Urban Warfare

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He researches Russia and the former Soviet Union, specializing in Russian armed forces, military thought, capabilities, and strategy.

The discussion then explores some of the major urban battles that have taken place during the war, particularly in Kyiv and Mariupol.

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