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Sunday August 14th, 2022 morning edition

image for Trump asked Merrick Garland: ‘What can I do to reduce the heat?’ before FBI warrant was unsealed, report says

Donald Trump personally appealed to Attorney General Merrick Garland before the FBI warrant behind the raid at Mar-a-Lago was unsealed, a new report says.

The former president wanted the attorney general to be aware that people around the US were furious about the raid.

“The country is on fire,” Mr Trump is quoted as saying, according to the individual with knowledge of the message, according to The Times.

A judge unsealed the search warrant the next day, including an inventory of the items collected by the FBI on Monday.

Mr Trump claimed that no wrongdoing had taken place, and he also baselessly suggested that agents had planted evidence at his residence.

When Joe Biden became president, he stopped Mr Trump from receiving classified briefings that former presidents get, citing his “erratic behaviour”.

On Thursday, Mr Garland said he “personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter”. »

In rare move, school librarian fights back in court against conservative activists

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It's a rare example of an educator taking legal action against conservatives who use extreme rhetoric in their battle against LGBTQ-themed books.

They just say what they want and there are no repercussions and they ruin people’s reputations and there’s no consequences.”.

Many conservative activists have referred to people who defend the books as “groomers,” comparing them to child molesters. »

New Molecule Discovered That Strongly Stimulates Hair Growth

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Although the critical role dermal papilla cells play in regulating hair growth is widely established, the genetic basis of the activating chemicals involved is little understood.

“We revealed that the SCUBE3 signaling molecule, which dermal papilla cells produce naturally, is the messenger used to ‘tell’ the neighboring hair stem cells to start dividing, which heralds the onset of new hair growth.”.

DOI: 10.1016/j.devcel.2022.06.005. UCI has filed a provisional patent application for the use of SCUBE3 and its related molecular compounds for hair growth stimulation. »