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Wednesday August 3rd, 2022 day edition

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A ballot question, known as the “Value Them Both Amendment,” asked voters to decide whether the state’s Constitution should continue to protect abortion rights.

A “yes” vote on the measure would remove from the state Constitution the right to an abortion and hand the issue back to the state legislature.

A “no” vote on the measure would make no changes, keeping abortion rights enshrined in the state Constitution.

Supporters of abortion rights warned that approval of the ballot measure would almost certainly result in the elimination or curtailment of existing rights in a state that has more lenient laws on its books compared to many of its neighbors.

Abortion rights advocates supported a “no” vote on the measures, which makes no changes to the status quo.

On the eve of the vote, voters reportedly received misleading text messages telling them a “yes” vote would protect the right to an abortion, however.

Abortion rights proponents have argued that with Roe gone, the stakes are far too high to put the issue in the hands of state GOP lawmakers. »

Kansas abortion vote: Amendment eliminating abortion protections fails

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The Supreme Court’s reversal of federal abortion protections has put new focus on state courts and constitutions.

The vote could offer a preview into whether and how the Roe decision could shape state elections this fall, tilting the balance in favor of voters who support abortion rights.

Voters in California and Vermont will weigh in on whether to codify abortion protections in their state constitutions. »

Senate approves bill to aid vets exposed to toxic burn pits

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WASHINGTON (AP) — A bill enhancing health care and disability benefits for millions of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits won final approval in the Senate on Tuesday, ending a brief stalemate over the measure that had infuriated advocates and inspired some to camp outside the Capitol.

Biden described the legislation as the biggest expansion of benefits for service-connected health issues in 30 years and the largest single bill ever to address exposure to burn pits.

The legislation expands access to health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs for millions who served near burn pits. »

Diablo Immortal whale spends $100k, loses access to PvP

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UPDATE: Activision Blizzard has responded to PCGamesN with regards to this story, explaining “we’ve heard feedback that some Diablo Immortal players are unable to find matches in Battleground PvP, or it might take a long time.

A Diablo Immortal whale says PvP games have become inaccessible after they have spent $100,000 USD upgrading their character in Blizzard’s free-to-play RPG, leaving them unable to compete in either battlegrounds or the Immortal clan contest Rite of Exile.

If you’re an Immortal player and need to know more about the Rite of Exile, you can check out our Shadow War guide. »

Toyota ‘Looking Into’ 2022 GR86 Engine Issues After Owner Denied Warranty Fix Over Track Use

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It's unclear how many vehicles are affected and neither Toyota nor Subaru has issued a service bulletin or recall to address the issue.

This is despite the aforementioned free NASA track day and much of the vehicle's marketing taking place on a race track.

Especially if going 100+ miles per hour and pushing the car to its limits is deemed suitable by Toyota for its sponsored track days. »