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Saturday July 30th, 2022 night edition

image for Video Shows Republicans Fist Bumping After Blocking Veteran Healthcare Bill

Republican Senators have been criticized for fist bumping on the Senate floor after the GOP blocked a bill that would have expanded healthcare coverage for military veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their service.

All but one of the 42 Senators who voted against the bill were Republicans, including 25 who previously supported it in June.

The Senate had to vote for the PACT Act again because of a technical change the House made to the bill.

The Montana Democrat Party shared a similar video along with the caption "Steve Danies BETRAYED sick veterans and CELEBRATED it with a fist bump.

Hayes then played the clip of Cruz and Daines fist bumping as the "no" votes were being read out.

Democrats were aware of this concern before yesterday's vote but ignored it and refused to allow a vote to fix the bill.

Democrats must work with Republicans and fix this issue to prevent inflationary spending that will hurt all Americans. »

Alexandra Echavarri will play in the GTA 6 as female protagonist

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Yesterday, thanks to an article published by Jason Schreier, we learned that one of the two playable characters in GTA 6 will be a woman .

Alexandra Echavarri, who comes from Puerto Rico, will play in the new installment of the gangster series.

Echavarri claims that she will play the main character of the project, which is in line with the news from Bloomberg. »

Massachusetts grants absolution to its last remaining witch

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Seventeen members of Carrier’s family, including Johnson’s mother who was Carrier’s first cousin, ended up being arrested.

Once the hysteria died down, many of the convicted (or their families) petitioned to have the convictions reversed.

Johnson was once again overlooked and remained the last person in the state guilty of witchcraft in the eyes of the law. »

War in Taiwan will be more shocking than Ukraine | Nigel Ingster

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This, argues Nigel Inkster - former director of operations for MI6, is false.

If they conclude that peaceful reunification is no longer an option with Taiwan, a military strike from China will be ‘massive and overwhelming’.

At the same time it is likely that as CIA Director William Burns has observed, China will have drawn one lesson from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. »

$55M in student loan debt relief on its way for Pa. nurses

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Nurses across Pennsylvania will begin receiving notifications next week about whether they are eligible for a share of the $55 million the state is making available to lower or erase their student loan debt.

The money for Pa. Student Loan Relief for Nurses Program comes out of state’s share of federal American Rescue Plan funds.

This one-time offer will relieve selected state-licensed nurses who cared for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic at a Pennsylvania health care facility of up to $7,500 of student loan debt. »