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Thursday July 28th, 2022 night edition

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CLIMATEWIRE | The world’s first named heat wave hit Seville, Spain, this week, pushing temperatures past 110 degrees Fahrenheit and earning the most severe tier in the city’s new heat wave ranking system.

Heat wave “Zoe” has brought scorching temperatures to the southern part of the country for the last few days, particularly the region of Andalusia where Seville is located.

Zoe is the first named heat wave to hit Seville since it officially launched a new pilot program last month for naming and ranking heat waves, similar to hurricanes (Climatewire, June 22).

Only the most severe heat waves get names, designated this year in reverse alphabetical order.

But it has posed a significant risk to human health while it’s lasted, according to proMETEO Sevilla, Seville’s new heat wave ranking system.

It takes a three-tiered approach to categorizing heat waves in Seville, with Category 1 as the lowest ranking and Category 3 as the most severe.

Seville’s new naming and ranking system is intended to heighten public awareness about the dangers of extreme heat. »

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for August: Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, Little Nightmares

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From August 2 to September 6 PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium members can add Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 and Little Nightmares to their game library.

Play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater & Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 in one epic collection, rebuilt from the ground up in incredible HD.

Also, check out our PlayStation Plus monthly games-inspired playlist on Spotify, which will be refreshed with new songs every month. »

Leaked: US power companies secretly spending millions to protect profits and fight clean energy

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Records obtained by Floodlight and the Orlando Sentinel show that Matrix consulted for FPL, as well as another Florida company, Gulf Power, and Alabama Power.

Big power companies operate as monopolies with captive customers in much of the south-east US.

They are supposed to be closely regulated, but their profits and unchecked political spending makes them some of the most powerful entities in a state. »

DIY Collective Embeds Abortion Pill Onto Business Cards, Distributes Them At Hacker Conference

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“This Card is an Abortion,” read a handful of business cards distributed by Mixl Laufer, a DIY biohacker, at a hacking conference in Queens Friday.

Embedded in the cards are three doses of misoprostol, a medication that safely and effectively induces an abortion when properly used.

“Miso Cards are misoprostol abortion pills, delivered in a card format, because it’s easier to send by mail. »

Democrats Favored to Win Senate for First Time as Polling Improves: 538

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The website late on Tuesday showed the Democrats had a 52 percent chance of keeping the Senate majority, while the Republicans had a 48 chance.

The website's Senate forecast has changed since it began polling in early June.

Back then, the Democrats were only predicted to have a 40 percent chance to keeping the Senate, with the Republicans 60 percent chance of taking it. »