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Friday July 22nd, 2022 evening edition

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As Russia openly announced its plan to seize more Ukrainian land on Wednesday, a Russian soldier was caught spilling to relatives back home that Vladimir Putin’s troops are “losing,” according to Ukrainian intelligence.

Audio shared by Ukraine’s Security Service is said to capture an intercepted phone call between a soldier based in the Kharkiv region and a female relative outside Moscow.

It was not immediately clear when the conversation took place, but the unnamed man’s complaints appear to echo those heard repeatedly from Russian troops throughout nearly five months of the war.

“We’re losing now,” the purported soldier says, prompting an indignant response from his female relative, who replies, “Well it’s you guys who are losing there, but they are winning everywhere [else].”.

“That’s the picture they paint for you on television, but in reality it’s drastically different here,” he says.

Taken aback by the confession, the woman asks him to explain how Russian troops could be losing—and there seems to be no shortage of answers.

Even as his admission surfaced, Ukrainian authorities said Russian troops continue to bomb residential areas—a tactic they say is out of rage at so many military setbacks. »

Denying Unmarried Woman Right To Safe Abortion Violates Her Personal Autonomy & Freedom : Supreme Court

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"Denying an unmarried woman the right to a safe abortion violates her personal autonomy and freedom", observed the Supreme Court on Thursday while allowing an unmarried woman to seek abortion of her pregnancy of a term of 24 weeks which arose out of a consensual relationship.

The Supreme Court made a prima facie observation that the High Court has taken an "unduly restrictive view of the provisions unduly restrictive view of the provisions".

2021 amendment substitutes "husband" with "partner"; legislative intent to cover unmarried woman. »

Why the Human Rights Movement Is Losing

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Human rights activists interpret their movement’s iconic victories as triumphs of unyielding rectitude that lay the groundwork for future progressive causes.

In 2012, Aryeh Neier, the co-founder of Human Rights Watch, wrote that the antislavery movement was the first true human rights campaign because its adherents mobilized for the rights of others.

The problem is that advocates for human rights have misunderstood the sources of their own historical success. »

Trump Calls Mitch McConnell 'Disloyal Sleaze Bag' as Jan 6 Actions Revealed

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Donald Trump attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell this week, calling him a "disloyal sleaze bag" after the January 6 House Select committee played clips of him working to clear the Capitol during the insurrection.

In a late-night post on Truth Social, Trump said: "Is this the same Mitch McConnell who was losing big in Kentucky, and came to the White House to BEG me for an Endorsement and help?

"The election of 2020 was decided December 14 of 2020 when the Electoral College certified the winner of the election," McConnell said. »

Ubisoft's Bad Luck Streak Continues With Delays, Cancelations, Cost-Cutting

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“We have also decided to stop the development of certain games so that these talents can focus on other projects that have higher priority,” Guillemot wrote in a company-wide email viewed by Kotaku.

In the current economic context, carefully and strategically managing our investments is critical now more than ever.

It’s possible this was a reference to Project Rift, an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC turned standalone game. »