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Thursday July 7th, 2022 day edition

image for Elon Musk Reportedly Had Twins With One of His Executives

Elon Musk and one of his top executives secretly had twins in November, according to a report Wednesday by Insider.

The revelation came in court documents petitioning to have the children's last name changed to Musk.

Zilis formerly lived in San Francisco, but she bought a house in Austin about three months before the twins were born, Insider reported.

The heavily redacted name-change petition lists that address for both Musk and Zilis, Insider reported.

Musk tweeted about declining birth rates in 2017, saying "The world's population is accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice or care.".

In May, Musk tweeted a Wall Street Journal graphic tracking a "fertility slump" in the US since 1940.

I am a rare exception," Musk tweeted, adding later in the thread, "I mean, I'm doing my part haha. »

Nintendo suddenly reopens Wii Shop and DSi downloads after four months

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Downloads for digital Wii and DSi games are once again available, nearly four months after those stores were brought offline for "maintenance.".

Nintendo ended the ability to purchase DSi games in 2017 and ended Wii digital purchases in 2019.

Nintendo's support articles still warn that Wii Shop Channel downloads (opens in new tab) (and Wii U transfers) "will eventually end at a future date," and DSi downloads (opens in new tab) "will also be discontinued at some point in the future.". »

Taika Waititi Asked If Natalie Portman Wanted to Be in a Star Wars Movie... Forgetting She'd Been in 3 Already

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Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi asked Natalie Portman if she’s ever wanted to be in a Star Wars movie... forgetting that she was already in three of them.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the 46-year-old filmmaker revealed the awkward moment when he asked Natalie Portman if she wanted to join the series, as he works on his own Star Wars film.

Have you ever wanted to be in a Star Wars movie?’ She said, ‘I’ve been in Star Wars movies.’ I forgot about those ones. »

Pipeline Critical to Kazakh Oil Exports Ordered to Halt Operations by Russian Court

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On July 6, a Russian court ordered the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) to suspend operations for 30 days.

Although it handles just over 1 percent of global oil, CPC is critical for Kazakhstan; around 80 percent of Kazakhstan’s oil exports move through the Novorossiysk oil terminal.

In any case, Europe’s aim is to decrease its imports of Russian oil and Kazakhstan stands as an option — but Kazakh exports to Europe depend on Russian pipelines. »

NC governor signs executive order protecting abortion access

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His executive order instructs Cabinet agencies not to comply with law enforcement agencies from other states pursuing information about abortion patients in North Carolina.

North Carolina Values Coalition Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald, who opposes abortion, called the executive order an "election year stunt, contrived to scare women."

The executive order says state law gives the governor discretionary authority over whether to fulfill demands of extradition. »