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Tuesday June 21st, 2022 morning edition

image for Kremlin press secretary says Geneva Conventions would not apply to two Americans feared captured in Ukraine

Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Monday that the Geneva Conventions — a series of agreements on, among other things, international standards for the treatment of people captured during war — would not apply to the two Americans believed to have been captured by Russian or pro-Russian forces in Ukraine in recent weeks.

Peskov's comments come days after Russian media released video appearing to show the two men, 39-year-old Alexander Drueke and 27-year-old Andy Huynh.

Concern began to grow over the whereabouts of Huynh, who served in the Marines, and Drueke, an Iraq War veteran, last week.

They were reportedly captured by Russian forces during fighting in eastern Ukraine in June 2022.

Earlier in June, one Moroccan and two British fighters who had been captured were sentenced to death by firing squad for fighting alongside Ukrainian forces.

The U.S. State Department said last week that it's also looking into reports of a third American missing in Ukraine.

A family friend identified the person as Retired Marine Captain Grady Kurpasi, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. military. »

The Banality of Putin and Xi | Yaron Brook and Elan Journo

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But surely the most consequential examples today are Xi Jinping and especially Vladimir Putin.

Trump has described the Ukraine invasion as "genius," later praising Putin for having "taken over a country for $2 worth of sanctions.".

This is a severe misreading, and the most obvious evidence can be seen in the battlefields of Ukraine. »

Texas Seceding From U.S. 'Would Mean War,' Law Expert Says

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A case following the Civil War made it clear that the state's seceding from the United States is an unlikely and untenable scenario.

He said Texas could declare its independence today if it wanted to, but that "would mean war."

Jeffrey Abramson, a professor of law and government at the University of Texas at Austin's School of Law, also cited the Texas v. White decision when speaking to Newsweek. »

Cuphead Studio Director on Delays And Long Development: ‘Who Cares?’

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And it’s understandable given how the style of animation has given way to digital animation, and how physically demanding good animation can be.

Even if that meant both took a very, very long time to make – over a decade, in fact.

That’s why with Cuphead, Moldenhauer says she’s not worried about the possible financial success of Delicious Last Course. »

Rutgers Scientist Develops Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap Designed to Replace Plastic

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Aiming to produce environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic food wrap and containers, a Rutgers scientist has developed a biodegradable, plant-based coating that can be sprayed on foods, guarding against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation damage.

The scalable process could potentially reduce the adverse environmental impact of plastic food packaging as well as protect human health.

“And we asked ourselves at the same time, ‘Can we design food packaging with a functionality to extend shelf life and reduce food waste while enhancing food safety?’’’. »