The Last of Us Part 2 Has Sold Over 10 Million Copies

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Naughty Dog has confirmed that, as of Spring 2022, The Last of Us Part 2 has sold over 10 million copies.

The milestone was shared in the "The Growing Future of The Last of Us" article on PlayStation.Blog, the same one that gave further details on The Last of Us Part 1 remake, the standalone multiplayer game set in its universe, and HBO's The Last of Us series.

The Last of Us Part 2 was released on June 19, 2020, and quickly became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive at the time by selling over four million copies in its first three days.

Since then, The Last of Us Part 2 has received a PS5 exclusive performance update that pushed the already-impressive game to 60 frames per second.

On September 2, fans will get to experience the original The Last of Us in a way that much more resembles the sequel thanks to the upcoming remake that promises new enemy AI based on The Last of Us Part 2, 60FPS performance, and new combat options.

As for the future of the series, Naughty Dog confirmed in April 2021 that it has written a story outline for The Last of Us Part 3, but it wasn't being made as of those comments.

The previously mentioned The Last of Us standalone multiplayer game should help with the wait for the next entry, as it is set to be as big as any of Naughty Dog's single-player games, "and in some ways bigger." There will also be a story in the game featuring a brand new cast of characters that looks to, at least partially, take place in San Francisco.

Concept art from an upcoming The Last of Us standalone multiplayer game.

Fans will also have HBO's The Last of Us series to look forward to soon, and the Summer Game Fest showcase gave us our first real look at Pedro Pascal's Joel and Bella Ramsey's Ellie. For those wishing that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson would have reprised their roles as Joel and Ellie, respectively, it was also announced that they would be part of the cast as more than a cameo.

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ramdom-ink on June 12nd, 2022 at 07:28 UTC »

I am so stuck on the huge patient zero Boss Level attack, and panic run, by Abby in the hospital scene…argh! Just can’t get past it. But the game is incredible.

Rimbles1 on June 12nd, 2022 at 06:53 UTC »

This is my favorite game of all time. From the gameplay to the amazing and gut wrenching story. It all just scratches the brain itch way too well

Ripper1337 on June 12nd, 2022 at 04:22 UTC »

This is good to hear. The story was very divisive but I enjoyed it. The gameplay was top notch. I can’t wait to see the remake for part 1.