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Friday June 10th, 2022 evening edition

image for Putin undermined his own rationale for invading Ukraine, saying that the war is to expand Russian territory

Putin said on Thursday that the Ukraine invasion is about expanding Russian territory.

Putin said it was his destiny to "return and reinforce" Russia like Peter the Great did.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said publicly for the first time on Thursday that his invasion of Ukraine is about expanding Russian territory, which Western leaders have long maintained.

"On the face of it, he was at war with Sweden taking something away from it," Putin said of Peter.

Putin's attempts to expand Russian territory started long before his invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Just two days before invading Ukraine, Putin said claims he wanted to restore the Russian empire were false. »

Goodie bag to promote US industry contained ‘Made in China’ gifts

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A swag bag dished out by the American chamber of commerce to promote US industry at an international summit wasn’t quite on message – with some gifts bearing the slogan “Made in China”.

A sideline gathering dubbed the “CEO summit” has seen the leaders of industry and politics talk about how business can help to boost development in impoverished parts of Central and South America.

An insulated metal drinking bottle in the bag is stamped with a capitalised CHINA on the bottom, denoting its origin. »

Florida boy being abused saved by restaurant employee with a note

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(CNN) — A stepfather in Florida has been convicted of child abuse after a restaurant employee last year noticed concerning signs and used a surreptitious note to ask a boy if he needed help, the Orange County State Attorney’s Office announced Monday.

Carvalho stood behind the boy’s parents and held up a note asking the boy if he was OK.

When the child nodded no, she wrote a second note that asked, “Do you need help,” she explained at a news conference. »

International Law: Fit for purpose in a post-Bucha world?

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In this piece, Eamon Driscoll examines whether international law is still fit for purpose in a post Ukraine-invasion world.

His 1625 work, De iure belli ac pacis, On the Law of War and Peace, was the basis for the emerging sense of maintaining international peace through international laws.

No system of international law is perfect, but the UN is the closest we have come so far. »