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Thursday June 9th, 2022 evening edition

image for Leaked audio shows Kevin McCarthy demanding inquiry into Jan. 6 riot, a position he later completely reversed

Kevin McCarthy once called for an inquiry into the Jan 6 riot, per new audio played by CNN.

That clip totally contradicts his later public position, which opposed investigating the riot.

The audio was leaked ahead of high-stakes hearings by the House committee investigating the riot.

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Leaked audio shows House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy supporting a congressional inquiry into the January 6, the total opposite to the opinion he later argued in public.

In another clip he argued strongly for a Congressional inquiry and described himself as "committed" to making that happen.

At a press conference Wednesday, McCarthy said that he would not be watching Thursday's hearings because he'd be too busy. »

Billionaire Bill Gross Won His Farcical Dispute With a Neighbor Who Complained About His Dale Chihuly Sculpture

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Towfiq claimed that his neighbors needed permission to install both the work and the net, and that it blocked his previously unobscured sea view.

The city of Laguna Beach has now ruled that Gross was within his rights to install the artwork and to erect a net to protect it.

Gross started blasting loud music, including the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song on repeat, and using a remote device when not at the property. »

Bernie to Dems: Change course before you nosedive in November

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We have two corporate Democrats who are not going to be with us,’” Sanders said, referring to Sens.

“The leadership has got to go out and say we don’t have the votes to pass anything significant right now.

That left the party in nominal power stalled on everything from abortion rights to guns to elections reform. »

Sandy Hook families defamed by Alex Jones want him to pay their legal fees fighting his ‘sham’ bankruptcy

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The “shell” companies had a combined monthly income of $38,000, according to Jones’ representatives in bankruptcy court.

Should the judges rule Jones filed for bankruptcy in bad faith and consider sanctions, the families’ attorneys would submit their legal costs to the court.

“Alex Jones caused the shell company defendants, which he controls, to file sham ‘reorganization’ bankruptcies,” wrote the Connecticut families’ attorneys. »