Millions ‘marching to starvation’ as Putin unleashes global food catastrophe

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Hundreds of millions of people are "marching to starvation" after Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine unleashed the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, the head of the UN’s World Food Programme has warned.

David Beasley condemned Russia for “a declaration of war on global food security” after it blocked Ukrainian grain exports, and said that 325m people are at risk of going hungry as a result. Around 43m most in danger are already "knocking on starvation's door", he said.

Ukraine is the world's fifth-largest exporter of wheat, fourth-largest exporter of corn and top exporter of sunflower oil, with most of its crop going to poor countries in the developing world.

Mr Putin has prevented shipments from leaving Ukrainian ports, while Western officials say his army has deliberately destroyed agricultural equipment and harvest stores.

Speaking to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Beasley described the impending disaster as “the worst humanitarian crisis since World War Two”, with a massive wave of migration into Europe likely to follow as hunger rises.

He said: “What do you think is going to happen when you take a nation that normally grows enough food to feed 400m people and you sideline that?

“You add fuel costs, food costs, shipping costs - it is devastating.”

Meanwhile David Nabarro, the World Health Organisation’s special envoy, said 1.7bn people across 94 countries are at risk of severe hunger as food prices surge.

He said: “This cost-of-living crisis could lead to the worst set of economic and social challenges we’ve seen in four or five decades."

Confident_Notice975 on May 24th, 2022 at 10:14 UTC »

We have all of the resources to feed and educate all of the people on this planet, yet somehow these grown ass men are fucking starting wars that kill and displace so many people.. for what?

Why don't they spend their billions and billions of war monger dollars investing in green energy?

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Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine's President, said the country is in talks over establishing food corridors to export its grain and accused Russia of stealing thousands of tonnes of grain.

Mr Zelensky told the global elite in Davos that he had held discussions with several countries about setting up export routes for wheat, grain and sunflower seeds.

Yulia Svyrydenko, the country's economy minister and deputy prime minister, urged the West to help establish a "Safe passage" to allow almost 25m tons of grain to leave the country and ease global supply fears after the Kremlin destroyed agricultural equipment and blocked vital export routes.

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