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Monday April 11st, 2022 evening edition

image for The Supreme Court Says You Can Sue Cops Who Frame You on False Charges

In January 2014, Larry Thompson's sister-in-law called 911 after noticing his baby had a rash.

The charges resulting from that call were bogus as well; the prosecutor ultimately moved to dismiss them, and a trial judge closed the case.

Yesterday, the highest court in the country struck that requirement down, ruling that Thompson should indeed have a right to sue the officers at the center of his case.

"A plaintiff such as Thompson must demonstrate, among other things, that he obtained a favorable termination of the underlying criminal prosecution," wrote Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court.

"You have false charges potentially upending someone's life, whether it's being thrown in jail, losing a job, being forced to attend criminal hearings on false charges over the course of months," says Ali.

"And then when they finally succeed in getting those charges dismissed, they're told that they have no recourse in federal court against the police officer who caused it all to happen.".

Alleged victims of malicious prosecution will still face many barriers to getting before a jury. »

Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt, says S&P

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London (CNN Business) Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt because it offered bondholders payments in rubles, not dollars, credit ratings agency S&P has said.

Russia attempted to pay in rubles for two dollar-denominated bonds that matured on April 4, S&P said in a note on Friday.

According to S&P, a selective default is declared when an entity has defaulted on a specific obligation but not its entire debt. »

Chrono Cross And Other Classics Suddenly ‘Expiring’ On PS3, Vita

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Digital purchases are mysteriously expiring on classic PlayStation consoles, rendering a random assortment of games unplayable.

Over the last several days, PlayStation users have reported strange, decades-old expiration dates being applied to their digital games.

We never know when digital games are going to just up and disappear on us, and there’s really nothing we can do about it when it inevitably happens. »

China's 'Twitter' appears to be censoring content about food shortages in Shanghai as residents struggle amid a harsh COVID-19 lockdown

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As residents in the locked-down city of Shanghai struggle to obtain groceries, China's Twitter-like Weibo platform appears to have censored content linked to the city's food crisis.

Shanghai, a financial hub of 26 million residents, has been placed under a strict and indefinite lockdown amid a surge of COVID-19 cases.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, the city reported 25,173 asymptomatic Covid cases and 914 symptomatic cases on Sunday. »