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Wednesday March 23rd, 2022 morning edition

image for Capitol riot suspect is granted refugee status in Belarus after fleeing US

(CNN) A US Capitol riot suspect who fled the United States has been granted refugee status in Belarus, according to Belarusian state-owned television BelTA.

The California man, Evan Neumann, went to Europe after being charged in connection with the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

Neumann initially settled in Ukraine, he said in an interview in November, but he claims he traveled to Belarus on foot after noticing that Ukrainian authorities were following him.

I am upset to find myself in a situation where I have problems in my own country.".

BelTA wrote on social media that Neumann had been forced to leave the US because of "politically motivated charges."

BelTA also posted images of Neumann with a government official, shaking hands and holding his new travel documents.

A federal grand jury in Washington indicted Neumann in December on 14 charges, including assaulting a police officer and engaging in physical violence on Capitol grounds. »

Republican Sen. Mike Braun says Supreme Court was wrong to legalize interracial marriage

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The U.S. Supreme Court was wrong to legalize interracial marriage, Indiana Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican, argued on Tuesday.

Suggesting the historic Loving v. Virginia ruling by the Supreme Court decades ago was a case of improper judicial activism, Braun said the court should have left that decision to the individual states, including those which had already outlawed interracial marriage.

Pressed by a reporter on if he similarly disapproved of the decision to federally legalize interracial marriage, Braun said he did. »

Kid Rock says Donald Trump sought his advice on North Korea and Islamic State

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The rapper Kid Rock said Donald Trump once asked him for advice about US policy on Islamic State and North Korea.

“I was there with [Trump] one day when he ended the caliphate,” Kid Rock, 51 and born Robert Ritchie, told Carlson in reference to US efforts against the Islamic State.

Some online critics wondered whether Trump really asked Kid Rock what to do about North Korea. »

Autoři S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 se stěhují do Česka, potvrzují zdroje Vortexu

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Včera podvečer se v diskuzi na facebookové stránce projektu Retro Nation objevila zpráva o možném stěhování studia GSC Game World z Ukrajiny do Česka.

Zprávu ale včera večer nebylo možné ověřit, což v tuto chvíli mění informace poskytnuté Vortexu od předsedy Asociace českých herních vývojářů Pavla Baráka.

Ten potvrdil, že jednání o stěhování skutečně probíhala a ukrajinské studio příchod do Česka opravdu zvažuje. »

Ketanji Brown Jackson schooled GOP senator who ranted about gay marriage

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson schooled a Republican senator who tried to get her to agree that conservative Christians’ religious freedom is being curtailed by marriage equality being legal.

Related: GOP senator asks if Ketanji Brown Jackson has a “personal hidden agenda” in critical race theory.

Jackson responded that she can’t comment on the matter because there are currently cases being decided that involve such issues. »