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Thursday March 17th, 2022 day edition

image for Sleep experts say Senate has it wrong: Standard time, not daylight saving, should be permanent

But, she added, “standard time, for so many scientific and circadian rationales and public health safety reasons, should really be what the permanent time is set to.”.

The AASM made this stance clear in 2020 when it released a position statement recommending that the country institute year-round standard time.

Tuesday’s vote comes amid a growing nationwide push for permanent daylight saving time.

But many sleep experts say that those in favor of more light in the late afternoons and evenings may not be considering the costs.

Experts say circadian misalignment has been associated with adverse effects on cognition and mood as well as cardiovascular and metabolic function.

Of the three potential time systems for the country to be on — permanent standard, biannual switching and permanent daylight saving time — she said, the last is “probably the worst choice.”.

“Unfortunately, [Tuesday’s] quick action by the Senate allowed for neither a robust discussion nor a debate,” the statement said. »

Ukraine joins European power grid, ending its dependence on Russia

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Engineers have linked Ukraine to an electricity grid spanning much of continental Europe, allowing the country to decouple its power system from hostile Russia, officials said Wednesday.

A view of Power lines, electric power transmissions in western Ukraine on June 6, 2021.

In the long, term, Ukraine could export surplus electricity generated by its nuclear power plants to the rest of Europe. »

Spain joins initiative to bring Putin before The Hague Court

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Spain will join the initiative to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to hold him accountable for the “war crimes” committed by Russian forces during the Ukraine invasion, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reported.

In an interview with private television channel Telecinco, Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares stressed that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “won’t be for free”.

Albares explained that his government’s objective is now “to ensure that Ukraine continues to live in peace”. »

Xi Jinping’s Faltering Foreign Policy

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Xi’s ill-advised support for Moscow on the eve of Russia’s disastrous military campaign is not his first major foreign policy misstep.

Xi is not Putin, and China is not Russia, but it would be unwise to ignore the growing parallels.

Yet the implications of this reality are insufficiently appreciated, especially its impact on the behavior of the Chinese party-state. »

Kanye West banned from Instagram after violating hate speech and bullying policies

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Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, has been temporarily put on an Instagram time-out after apparently violating the company’s policies.

Content from his account, @kanyewest, has been deleted for violating policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment, a Meta spokesperson confirmed Wednesday night.

Davidson appeared to have texted West first and said, “Yo it’s Skete,” referring to the derogatory nickname West has repeatedly used for him. »