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Saturday March 12nd, 2022 night edition

image for Maryland Will Become Second State to Prohibit Pet Owners from Declawing Cats

Maryland Will Become Second State to Prohibit Pet Owners from Declawing Cats.

The Maryland House voted on Thursday to ban the declawing of cats unless it is medically necessary, making it the second state in the U.S. to halt the procedure after New York passed similar legislation in 2019, according to the Associated Press.

"When people wrap their head around it, the idea that we would mutilate to protect a furniture item is abhorrent to people," Maryland State Del.

She said that declawing "takes not just the nail, but the nail bed and part of the bone and cuts it off.

The Maryland bill prevents veterinarians from declawing cats for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons, or for the convenience of their owners.

Several veterinarians on both sides of the issue testified in front of the Maryland Senate.

"Declawing is both painful and traumatic, and it was been outlawed in Germany and other parts of Europe as a form of cruelty. »

Putin places head of the FSB's foreign intelligence branch under house arrest

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Sergey Orestovich Beseda (pictured) head of the FSB's foreign service, has reportedly been placed under house arrest after the intelligence service took the blame for the war's progress.

Anatoly Bolyukh, deputy head of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service and head of the operational information department, has also reportedly been arrested.

Putin reportedly blames his intelligence agencies for misleading him over the extent of Ukraine's resistance to Russian attack. »

Texas confirms 9 investigations of transgender minors receiving gender-affirming health care

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(CNN) Texas has opened nine alleged abuse investigations of minors receiving gender-affirming health care, Patrick Crimmins, a Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) spokesman, confirmed to CNN Thursday.

Civil rights groups said in a court hearing last week they were aware of at least three families facing investigation.

The Dallas Morning News was the first to report the state was investigating nine reports of alleged abuse. »

Putin’s Nuclear Bluff: How the West Can Make Sure Russia’s Threats Stay Hollow

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Whenever the leader of a nuclear-armed state signals a readiness to use nuclear weapons, it is worth taking seriously.

But although the Kremlin has shown a willingness to kill civilians and wreak havoc, using nuclear weapons would deviate from Russia’s own nuclear doctrine.

This risks both massive conventional war and further nuclear escalation—an outcome that Putin does not want. »

A Data Hero Organized L.A.’s Taquerías Into a Taco Matrix Based On Cost and Reviews

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Rajesh Niti, an Arsenal fanatic and self-described “biomedical engineer by day, Football/Food analytics hobbyist by night” on Twitter, has released a searchable matrix map of 287 taco places in Los Angeles.

“I think the apple-doctor quote should be updated to say ‘A taco a day keeps the doctor away.'”.

The size of the business’ representative dot relates to the number of reviews they received. »