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Tuesday February 22nd, 2022 night edition

image for A restaurant in San Francisco that has a no tip-policy and instead shares profits with its staff says it wasn't hit by the labor shortage

The co-owner of a SF restaurant says it's avoided the labor shortage thanks to its staff benefits.

The restaurant also has a no-tip policy and instead shares profits with staff.

Many independent restaurants across the US say they've been devastated by the labor shortage, with some shutting their dining rooms, cutting their opening hours, or even closing for good.

But the co-owner of Zazie, a French restaurant in San Francisco, says that it's managed to avoid the labor shortage thanks to the benefits it offers staff.

Cornelius said that only a handful of staff had left the restaurant over the past five years, to either change city or switch careers.

The restaurant has around 40 employees, roughly half of which have been at Zazie for at least 10 years, Cornelius said.

Cornelius said that she hoped more people would start to respect restaurant staff. »

Indigenous nations sue North Dakota over ‘sickening’ gerrymandering

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The lawsuit, filed earlier this month, claims the map packs some Indigenous voters into one House subdistrict, while putting other “nearby Native American voters into two other districts dominated by white voters who bloc vote against Native Americans’ preferred candidates”.

North Dakota is home to five federally recognized nations, with American Indian and Alaska Native people making up about 6% of the state’s population.

And it hinders us from even having a chance as Native Americans to run for offices. »

Square Enix is considering creating ‘HD-2D’ remakes of more SNES games

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Square Enix is considering other classic games from its 16-bit catalogue to create ‘HD-2D’ remakes for, it’s said.

HD-2D is what Square Enix uses to describe the art style given to its Switch games Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy.

As reported by Famitsu, during a new ‘radio’ show on Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube channel, developers working on Triangle Strategy confirmed that Square Enix president Yosuka Matsuda wants the studio to use the art style to remake SNES games. »

Russian market cracks 17% as Ukraine tensions intensify; Europe jittery

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NEW DELHI: Russian stock market sank 17 per cent in Monday's trade as President Vladimir Putin said his country was mulling recognising the independence of east Ukraine's two separatist republics, further escalating the Ukraine crisis.

Europe markets were all in the red.Russia warned there were no firm plans for a summit between US President Joe Biden and Putin.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine was a possibility.Tracking the development, the RTS index that tracks 50 top Russian stocks in dollar terms on the Moscow Stock Exchange, nosedived about 230 points or 16.67 per cent to 1,160.24.There was fear that the West would cut off dollar access to Russian companies. »