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Monday January 24th, 2022 morning edition

image for Connecticut Man Arrested After Racist Tirade Over Smoothie, Cops Say

A Connecticut man in a rage over the inadvertent use of peanuts in a smoothie went on a threatening, racist tirade against a shop's young employees, leading to his arrest, Fairfield police said.

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According to police, Iannazzo purchased a smoothie at Robeks on Black Rock Turnpike about 1 p.m. Saturday.

Roughly 30 minutes later, police say he called 911 from his home for a child having an allergic reaction.

When employees couldn't answer, cops say Iannazzo became irate, yelling vulgarly, throwing a drink at one employee and questioning her immigration status.

Cops say he was asked to leave and refused, even attempting to open a locked "Employees Only" door to get behind the store's counter.

Store employees told cops that Iannazzo never mentioned an allergy, only asking that the peanut butter be left out of a drink. »

An arrest warrant has been issued for a luxury cruise ship bound for Miami

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An arrest warrant has been issued for a Crystal Cruises ship that was supposed to arrive in Miami Saturday, but reportedly is a fugitive ship heading for the Bahamas Sunday.

The warrant issued in the Miami office of Fort Lauderdale federal court Thursday orders the U.S.

Then, they were told the warrant had been issued and the ship would be diverted to Bimini, Bahamas. »

Russia warns Japan to stay out of Ukraine crisis

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“They were in very close alignment on the challenges that Russia is presenting to Ukraine,” a senior Biden administration official told reporters Friday.

“I think Japan — the prime minister complimented the president on his handling and made clear that Japan would be fully behind the United States in the challenging days ahead.”.

“Japan indicated that it — that the United States and Japan are closely aligned on concerns about Russian threats,” the senior administration official said. »

Trump Accuses Jan. 6 Panel Of Going After ‘Children’ For Contacting 40-Year-Old Ivanka

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The House panel investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot asked Ivanka Trump on Thursday to provide information for its probe.

A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump said Thursday that she had “just learned” of the committee’s request that she speak with it.

Committee members have also subpoenaed Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancée to Donald Trump Jr., who served as an advisor to the elder Trump. »