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Saturday January 1st, 2022 night edition

image for Betty White dies at 99, weeks before 100th birthday, according to reports

Betty White has died at age 99, according to reports from TMZ and People.

Evan Agostini/Evan Agostini/Invision/AP FILE - In this Feb. 15, 2015 file photo, Betty White attends the SNL 40th Anniversary Special in New York.

White was promoting a new block of programming on Discovery Family Channel called “Pawgust,” throughout the month of August, with shows, specials and movies about animals.

Carol Burnett and Candice Bergen are among those interviewed for the book, written by Ray Richmond and titled “Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life.".

Celebrities began Friday sharing their tributes to Betty White, detailing special moments involving the actress.

A nationwide theatrical event of "Betty White: 100 Years Young — A Birthday Celebration,” was scheduled for Jan. 17, which would have been her 100th birthday.

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Paraguay now produces 100% renewable electric energy

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - "This is an unprecedented historic event," Abdo Benítez said during the inauguration ceremony.

He also said that the inclusion of Bahía Negra into the basic service comes after "years of negligence, lack of vision and investment in the electricity system.".

The head of state highlighted that with the electrification of the city of Bahía Negra, Paraguay becomes the region's first country to have 100% renewable electricity supply. »

Pa. Supreme Court says warrantless searches not justified by cannabis smell alone

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On Dec. 29, Pennsylvania's highest court confirmed a decision by a trial court that said the smell of cannabis cannot be the sole basis of a warrantless search by police officers.

Medical cannabis is legal in Pennsylvania, but not recreational This search by police was deemed unconstitutional by a trial court based it was solely on the smell of cannabis.

The evidence the police procured could not be used in the trial and the small amount of cannabis charge was dismissed. »

Three planes to fly potatoes to ease Japan french-fries shortage

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U.S. freight forwarder Flexport Inc. will help fly three planes loaded with potatoes to Japan, where a shortage of spuds has caused McDonald’s in the country to ration french fries.

“Flexport just contracted to fly three 747 loads of potatoes to Japan to help with the French fry shortage,” Chief Executive Officer Ryan Petersen said in a tweet, without providing details.

Update: @Flexport just contracted to fly three 747 loads of potatoes to Japan to help with the French fry shortage. »