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Saturday January 1st, 2022 day edition

image for France introduces free birth control for all women under 25

Contraception including the pill, IUDs, contraceptive patches and other methods will be free for women aged 25 and under in France from January 1, 2021.

Free birth control for all women under 25 will be available in France from Saturday, expanding a scheme targeting under-18s to ensure young women don't stop taking contraception because they cannot afford it.

The scheme, which could benefit three million women, covers the pill, IUDs, contraceptive patches and other methods composed of steroid hormones.

France announced the extension to women under 25 in September, saying surveys showed a decline in the use of contraception mainly for financial reasons.

In some developed countries, the free contraception won by women after decades of campaigning is coming under attack again from the religious right.

In the United States, former president Barack Obama's signature health reform, known as Obamacare, gave most people with health insurance free access to birth control.

Poland's conservative government has also heavily restricted access to emergency contraception as part of its war on birth control. »

Scotland missed 100% clean electricity consumption in 2020 by only 1.4%

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In 2011, Scotland set a target of reaching 100% clean electricity consumption in 2020.

Energy targets Latest Target Overall renewable energy target: total Scottish energy consumption from renewables 25.4% in 2020 50% by 2030 Renewable electricity target: gross electricity consumption from renewables 98.6% in 2020 100% by 2020 Renewable heat target: non-electrical heat demand from renewables 6.3% in 2020 11% by 2020 Energy consumption target: Reduction in total energy consumption from 2005-07 Down 14.4% in 2020 12% by 2020 Energy productivity target: percentage change in gross value added achieved from the input of 1 gigawatt hour of energy from 2015 Down 5.9% in 2020 Up 30% in 2030 Source: Scottish government.

There was a 1.9 TWh increase in clean electricity generated in 2020 compared to 2019, mainly from wind and hydro. »

Tennessee Planned Parenthood destroyed in early morning fire

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Firefighters spray water to put out a fire at the Planned Parenthood building in Knoxville, Tenn., on Friday, Dec. 31, 2021.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee Planned Parenthood building was destroyed by an early morning fire on Friday, Planned Parenthood officials said. »

AOC hits Republicans as ‘creepy weirdos’ for obsessing over her trip to Florida

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Republicans who attacked her for taking a trip to Miami, “creepy weirdos”, and said they were mad they cannot date her.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez was photographed with her boyfriend at a restaurant in Miami earlier this week not wearing a mask.

Conversely, Florida Gov Ron DeSantis has taken a much more lax approach, opposing mask mandates and keeping businesses mostly open. »

To fans and players of VALORANT worldwide,

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It is with a heart full of gratitude and a deep excitement that I come to you today with news.

That said, I’ll not be far from the game and the team and they’ll always have my support.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support VALORANT, and a special shout out to all who've supported me and my work. »