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Sunday December 26th, 2021 morning edition

image for Monarch Population Soars 4,900 Percent Since Last Year in Thrilling 2021 Western Migration

When just 200 Western monarch butterflies arrived in the Pismo Beach Butterfly Grove from their northerly migration last year, park rangers feared the treasured insect would soon be gone forever.

It’s expected that the monarch butterfly will be placed on the Endangered Species List soon, due to declines in both western and eastern monarch butterfly numbers.

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“The good news is that transportation agencies can adjust practices to help pollinators without compromising safety or other primary objectives.”.

So, unless a gardener know the difference between the two, planting nectar-ing flowers will, instead, provide valuable food sources along their long migration journey.

“You really can’t go wrong on that one, because you’re not just helping monarchs, you’re helping all pollinators,” she says.

Meanwhile, whatever has exploded the western monarch numbers this year is a welcome change and may well continue into the 2020s. »

Alex Jones' wife arrested on domestic violence charge

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The wife of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested Christmas Eve on a domestic violence charge that the right-wing provocateur says stems from a “medication imbalance.”.

DALLAS -- The wife of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested Christmas Eve on a domestic violence charge that the right-wing provocateur said stems from a "medication imbalance.”.

Sheriff's deputies took Erika Wulff Jones into custody and booked her into an Austin jail around 8:45 p.m. Friday. »

Warsaw scientist finds natural ‘coral-saving’ UV filter in Antarctic bacteria

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Michał Styczyński, a PhD researcher at the Department of Biology at the University of Warsaw made the pioneering discovery based on observations of the behaviour of Antarctic bacteria.

Posting on social media, the university said: “PhD student Michał Styczyński discovered a substance from the melanin category which can be used as an effective, natural UV filter (eliminating synthetic ingredients of creams which contribute to the death of coral reefs).

It is this substance that can be used as an effective, natural UV filter and importantly, produced on a large scale. »

Thousands of Russian troops withdrawing from Ukraine border: report

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Thousands of Russian troops are reportedly withdrawing from the Ukrainian border after conducting drills for roughly a month.

Reuters reported on Saturday that more than 10,000 Russian troops were leaving a number of regions near Ukraine — including Crimea, Rostov and Kuban — and returning to permanent bases.

The news service pointed to reporting from the Interfax news agency, which cited the Russian military. »

Ontario nurse admits to sex with 80-year-old dementia patient, loses nursing certificate

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A Peterborough-area nurse who admitted to having sex with an 80-year-old patient with dementia while working for him as a personal support worker has had her nursing certificate revoked.

Confronted the next day by her employer, Dulmage admitted they had also had sex that day.

Due to the seriousness of the admitted sexual abuse, Dulmage’s certificate of registration as a registered practical nurse has been revoked. »