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Monday November 29th, 2021 night edition

image for A New York City woman's coffee table was discovered to be part of a dance floor from ancient Roman emperor Caligula's party yacht

New York art dealer Helen Fioratti unknowingly used an ancient Roman mosaic as a coffee table.

Italian stone expert Dario Del Bufalo said Fioratti spotted the mosaic in his book and said she owned it.

The mosaic was commissioned by Roman emperor Caligula for one of his large party ships.

A geometric mosaic from one of Roman emperor Caligula's lavish party ships was being used by a New York City art dealer as a coffee table in her Park Avenue residence, The Guardian reported.

"There was a lady with a young guy with a strange hat that came to the table, and he told her, 'What a beautiful book.

Following its return, the mosaic was put on display at the Museum of Roman Ships in Nemi, Italy, the Associated Press reported.

Still, Del Bufalo said he sympathizes with Fioratti's loss of her coffee table and offered to make her a replica. »

Hero of the Week: Cash Daniels

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This week, we received an email from Erin nominating 12-year-old Cash Daniels of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Five years ago, Cash, at the age of seven, heard that the Tennessee River was polluted.

He did some research and found out how many people in the area depend on that water to live. »

Not at Any Price: LBJ, Pakistan, and Bargaining in an Asymmetric Intelligence Relationship

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There are also records of the debates within the White House, the National Security Council, and the intelligence community over Washington’s negotiating strategy with Pakistan.

When both liaison partners are equally interested in the goal of the partnership, collaboration stands to strengthen the overall alliance relationship.

Unlike classic alliance theory, which focuses on asymmetry in national power, what matters in secret relationships is the balance of interests. »

Human trafficking lawsuit alleges Pa. Mennonite Church subjected boys, young men to forced labor

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A federal lawsuit recently filed in the Middle District of Pennsylvania alleges a local chapter of the Mennonite Church violated human trafficking laws though forced labor under the guise of reforming “troubled boys.”.

The men allege boys and young men considered by the church to be “troubled” or to have “special needs” were sent to the farm and subjected to forced labor, including farming chickens, cattle and hogs, building fences and helping with a trucking company.

According to The Morning Call, the Pennsylvania Department Human Services has no record for any licensing for Liberty Ridge Farm. »