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Friday November 12nd, 2021 day edition

image for Stunning Vaccine Stat: 98.5% Of U.S. Seniors Have Had Shot

A pharmacist gives the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine to a resident at the Emerald Court senior ... [+] living community in Anaheim, California on January 8.

The CDC reports 98.5% of adults 65 and older have received at least a first vaccine dose as of Wednesday, while 85.8% are fully vaccinated.

That includes 99.9% of adults ages 65-74 who have received a first shot (88.2% fully vaccinated) and 95.7% of those 75 and older (83% fully vaccinated), according to CDC data.

How many senior citizens will receive booster shots, which are now authorized for the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

So far 32.4% of those 65 and older have received a booster shot, according to the CDC, compared with 14.4% of U.S. adults overall.

COVID-19 Deaths Among Older Adults During the Delta Surge Were Higher in States with Lower Vaccination Rates (KFF).

What Share of People Who Have Died of COVID-19 Are 65 and Older – and How Does It Vary By State? »

Conservatives Are Just Openly Endorsing Book Burning Now

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“What has taken us aback this year is the intensity with which school libraries are under attack,” Nora Pelizzari, a spokesperson at the National Coalition Against Censorship, told The Washington Post.

Also in Texas, a school district recently told teachers if they have a book on the Holocaust, they must also provide a book with an “opposing perspective. »

Astroworld victim Bharti Shahani dies nearly a week after crowd surge that killed 8 others

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Shahani was the person on the gurney, the attorney said without giving additional information on that moment.

That was Bharti Shahani," Lassiter said.Shahani, her sister Namrata Shahani and her cousin Mohit Bellani went to the concert together, but lost each other when the crowd surged.

Similar to Shahani, Ezra has shown no brain activity shortly after he was admitted into Texas Children's Hospital. »

Chinese investors hide land deals in Japan by using cryptocurrency

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Tokyo tax authorities uncovered a China-based scheme that invested about 27 billion yen ($237 million) in Japanese real estate using cryptocurrency to avoid the watchful eye of the Chinese government, sources said.

The three Chinese gave instructions through the WeChat app, and the converted yen was used in several real estate deals made by other Chinese investors.

The trio served as an intermediary to gather yuan from wealthy Chinese who wanted to invest in Japanese real estate, the sources said. »

Florida has rejected a plan to drill for oil in the Everglades

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The letter states drilling the wells could adversely impact water supplies and wildlife in the area, which includes habitat for the endangered Florida panther.

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