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Tuesday November 9th, 2021 day edition

image for State data: Unvaccinated Texans make up vast majority of COVID-19 cases and deaths this year

The state health department study covers most of the positive cases and COVID-19 deaths reported in Texas among residents from Jan. 15 to Oct. 1.

The majority of Texans ages 16 and up didn’t become eligible for the vaccine until late March.

State health officials also found the vaccine greatly reduced the risk of virus transmission, including the highly contagious delta variant that ravaged the state over the summer.

Only 3% of 1.5 million positive COVID-19 tests examined since mid-January occurred in people who were already vaccinated.

State researchers matched electronic lab reports and death certificates with state immunization records, and measured cases and deaths since mid-January, a month after the first shots were administered in Texas. »

Elon Musk Is Still Bitching and Moaning About Paying Taxes

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Writing, “Much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock.

Anyway presumably, Musk expected most people to respond to the poll by saying, “No, of course not!”

Anyway, this is probably not the last we’ll hear from Musk re: the plight of being the richest man in the world. »

Portugal makes it illegal for your boss to text you after work in 'game changer' remote work law

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Companies will also have to help pay for expenses incurred by remote working, such as higher electricity and internet bills.

But the amendments to Portugal's labour laws have limits: they will not apply to companies with fewer than ten employees.

Building a healthy remote working culture could also bring other benefits to Portugal, Mendes Godinho said, in the form of foreign remote workers seeking a change of scenery. »

Fortnite Pulls the Travis Scott Emote After Astroworld Concert Tragedy

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Epic has removed the Travis Scott "Out West" dance emote from Fortnite following the rap star's deadly Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas, which killed 8 people.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account later confirmed the Daily section's removal but did not mention Scott or his emote by name.

It's currently unclear if Epic plans to remove any additional content related to Scott or the Astroworld brand. »

California Parents Sue After Getting Another Couple’s Embryo

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Learning months later that she had been pregnant with another couple’s baby, and that another woman had been carrying her child, caused enduring trauma, she said.

“I was overwhelmed by feelings of fear, betrayal, anger and heartbreak,” Daphna said during a news conference with her husband announcing the lawsuit.

All four parents have since made an effort to stay in each other’s lives and “forge a larger family,” Daphna said. »