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Monday November 8th, 2021 evening edition

image for Ted Cruz Talks About Joe Rogan Being 'President' Of Texas If State Secedes From U.S.

In a startling address to constituents, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently talked about controversial COVID-19 conspiracist Joe Rogan becoming the “president” of Texas if the state secedes from the union.

“I’m not there yet,” Cruz told an audience last month at Texas A&M University about Texas seceding from the United States — popularly known as “Texit.”.

But “if there comes a point where it’s hopeless, then I think we take NASA, we take the military, we take the oil,” he said to loud applause.

Asked if he would also take Rogan, a Texan, Cruz responded: “Joe Rogan, he might be president of Texas!”.

When Cruz was asked by a member of the audience about the possibility of seceding, he said he “understood the sentiment.”

But if it does become “hopeless,” that’s when the state should grab NASA, the military and the oil, he added.

As for a possible future Texas “president,” at least right-wing vaccine and mask skeptic Rogan appears healthy after contracting COVID-19 earlier this year. »

Texas Democrat candidate Matthew Dowd says Jesus today ‘would be accused of being woke’

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A former Bush campaign adviser who is running as a Democrat in Texas’ lieutenant governor race said Sunday that Jesus Christ today would be declared "woke" by conservatives.

"As I sat in church today I was thinking that if Jesus were here today he would be accused of being woke," he tweeted.

"Lovely service at church today at Chapel in the Hills in Wimberley," he wrote in an earlier tweet. »

Gaming for Everyone: The Accessibility Features of Forza Horizon 5

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From the very beginning of development of Forza Horizon 5, we made it a priority to incorporate accessibility features.

The accessibility features in Forza Horizon 5, which will be available at launch and can be seen in the video above, include:.

With this in mind, the team is excited to share we are also working on American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) support for cinematics in Forza Horizon 5. »

Astroworld Fest Continued 37 Minutes After Mass Casualty Declared

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“My fans really mean the world to me, and I always want to leave them with a positive experience.”

Police officials told The Houston Chronicle that around 9:38 p.m. the event promoter Live Nation agreed to end the show after multiple attendees collapsed in what was declared a “mass casualty.”.

So far, John Hilgert, 14, Brianna Rodriguez, 16, Franco Patino, 21, and Rudy Pena have been identified among the eight confirmed deaths from Astroworld Fest. »