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Saturday November 6th, 2021 evening edition

image for Biden Promised to Decriminalize Marijuana. He Shouldn’t Wait for Congress.

Biden is under mounting pressure to fulfill a campaign promise to “decriminalize” marijuana and expunge past convictions.

Advocates and policymakers point to extreme racial disparities in drug enforcement and sentencing that have filled prisons with Black and Brown people.

“We also know that the ability to deschedule and provide conviction relief rests within the powers of the president.”.

Biden can also work with Congress to pass legislation, and a bill to decriminalize marijuana that includes racial justice provisions already cleared a key committee in the House.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Missouri) introduced historic legislation to decriminalize possession of small amounts of all drugs earlier this year.

If Biden is serious about racial justice and reducing incarceration, advocates say it should be a priority.

“Biden must act now and support congressional efforts to pass comprehensive marijuana reform and broad drug decriminalization,” Perez said. »

Australia hits 'magnificent milestone' with 80% rate of vaccinations

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"Another, magnificent milestone, Australia," Morrison said in a video post on Facebook.

While vaccinations remain voluntary on the federal level, Australia's states and territories introduced mandatory measures for many occupations and workers.

On Monday, Australia eased international border curbs for the first time during the pandemic, but only for vaccinated people from highly inoculated states. »

Shipping titans, a Lebanese banker and Swiss secrets: Untangling the tale of Beirut port’s container terminal

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It was CMA CGM’s latest effort to expand its foothold at the port and the terminal in a campaign bolstered by French diplomacy in Lebanon.

CMA’s head at the time, Jacques Saadé, a pioneer in the containerized shipping industry, was close to French President Jacques Chirac.

A throwback to harbors from bygone years, the Port of Beirut is situated in the center of the Lebanese capital. »

BioWare has no plans to end Star Wars: The Old Republic anytime soon

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I was an optimistic 20-something when I rolled my first Bounty Hunter, with his bad scars and bad attitude, in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

And, lucky me, it looks like BioWare doesn't have any plans to call off the galactic wars and Sith intrigue.

But the team has "no plans to stop anytime soon," he says. »