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Thursday October 28th, 2021 day edition

image for Costco raised its minimum wage to $17 an hour

New York (CNN Business) Costco this week raised its starting wage for hourly store workers in the United States for the second time this year as businesses hike pay to draw and retain workers amid a labor shortage.

Costco COST Amazon AMZN Target TGT Walmart's WMT told employees last week that it would increase its minimum wage from $16 an hour to $17 starting on Monday.

Costco has around 180,000 US employees, and 90% of them work hourly.

Costco's new starting wage puts the chain— which has among the lowest turnover rates in the retail industry— $2 per hour aboveand other top retailers' minimum wage, and $5 an hour above.

Costco raised its minimum wage to $14 in 2018 and $15 in 2019.

In February, the Issaquah, Washington-based company hiked it to $16 an hour.

"These increases are part of Costco's continuing efforts to ensure our hourly wages remain extremely competitive in the retail industry," Costco CEO Craig Jelinek said in a memo to employees. »

Taiwan's President says the threat from China is increasing 'every day'

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In her interview with CNN, Tsai became the first Taiwan President in decades to acknowledge the presence of US troops on the island for training purposes.

The US military posted and then deleted a video in early 2020 that showed US Army Special Forces training soldiers in Taiwan.

Economic and diplomatic ties with China, developed over previous governments, have frayed, and the Chinese military has ramped up its pressure on the island. »

Elon Musk Throws a S--t Fit Over the Possibility of Being Taxed His Fair Share

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Given that Musk paid nothing in income taxes in 2018 and, as of yesterday, was worth $287 billion, you might think that he’d reflect on his situation and say, “You know what?

In a separate tweet, Musk said any government-induced reallocation of wealth would be better managed by the private sector.

Musk, of course, isn’t the only ridiculously rich person deeply concerned about the proposed tax. »

High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances

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A Kentucky high school is under investigation after photos of male students in lingerie giving faculty lap dances were posted to the school's official Facebook page.

Hazard High School posted the images of its homecoming week festivities, which included a "Man Pageant" on Tuesday, according to a Facebook post from the school.

Original Location: High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances. »

The International Order Isn’t Ready for the Climate Crisis

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A shift to planetary politics will require a new, shared understanding of the duties of sovereign states, serious commitments to sustainable development and investment, and innovative international institutions.

As we plunder the planet, we risk rendering it uninhabitable—a crisis that cries out for global solidarity and collective action.

Planetary politics cannot succeed without multilateral institutions and global governance that can foster the unprecedented international cooperation demanded by the intertwined climate and biodiversity crises. »