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Sunday October 17th, 2021 morning edition

image for Five times as many police officers have died from Covid-19 as from gunfire since start of pandemic

Sgt. Stephen Desfosses, 52, a veteran of more than 30 years with the Norton Police Department, died on January 13.

He was one of at least 231 officers who died of Covid-19 this year, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP).

The total stands at 476 Covid-19 related deaths since the start of the pandemic, compared to 94 from gunfire in the same period.

Reasons cited for the vaccine resistance among law enforcement officers range from disinformation to distrust in the science of the vaccines.

This is something you volunteer for," said Charles Ramsey, a former Washington, DC police chief and CNN law enforcement analyst.

JUST WATCHED Police departments cope with officers' vaccine hesitancy Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Police departments cope with officers' vaccine hesitancy 02:37.

In Pittsburgh, the police chief sent out emails encouraging officers to protect themselves as the Delta variant sent Covid-19 cases soaring. »

Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema received the legal maximum of donations from several known GOP donors, new FEC filings show

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Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema received the maximum donation allowed by law from several GOP donors.

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, received the maximum donation allowed by law by several longtime GOP donors, according to a campaign fundraising report filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.

The maximum individual contribution limit is $2,900 per election, with a maximum of $5,800 in a two-year period, according to FEC guidelines. »

Woman rocked awake by meteorite chunk crashing into her bedroom

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"The next thing was just a huge explosion and debris all over my face," Hamilton recalled in an interview Tuesday.

"You're sound asleep, safe, you think, in your bed, and you can get taken out by a meteorite, apparently.".

The town of Golden, population 3,700, is near the B.C.-Alberta border, around 200 kilometres west of Calgary. »

When the world actually solved an environmental crisis

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For decades, they’d been measuring the thickness of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, the layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation.

“Projections suggested that the ozone layer would collapse by 2050,” the Future of Life Institute’s Georgiana Gilgallon told me.

Experts estimate that by 2050, the ozone layer will be back to the state it was in 1980. »

Manchin accepted over $400,000 from energy companies and GOP donors in the third quarter

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FEC filings show that Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, raised over $400,000 from energy companies.

Senator Joe Manchin raised over $400,000 from donors in the energy industry in the third quarter, including some from donors that normally give to Republicans, according to his latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Manchin received $74,600 from the employees and political action committee of energy company Energy Transfer Partners, according to Bloomberg and FEC documents. »