The Italian police made a 87 year old woman pasta after she called to say she was hungry and alone

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image showing The Italian police made a 87 year old woman pasta after she called to say she was hungry and alone

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To Protect and Serve.This is the serve part.

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Per here and Google Translate:

JUNE 1, 2020

Edited by Antonio Palma

A pensioner in difficulty at home because she cannot prepare dinner, the request for help to 113 and the arrival of the policemen on the spot who also improvise cooks and prepare a dinner for her. The singular intervention sees as protagonists two policemen of the flying section of the Police Headquarters of Florence who, alerted by the operations center, went to the place and, when they understood the situation, they immediately went to the kitchen preparing a meal for the lady, an 87-year-old not completely autonomous. The episode on Saturday night in the Coverciano area. "I'm tired and hungry but I can't cook because my arm hurts", is the particular request for assistance that arrived at around 20 at the switchboard of 113. The agents immediately took charge of the request by sending a patrol.

After having been opened by a neighbor, the two policemen who rushed to the scene, Antonio and Giuseppe, entered the woman's house and, after understanding her needs, immediately set to work: they accompanied the old woman to the kitchen, they set the table and prepared her tomato ravioli allowing her to have dinner. The woman said it all started when the caregiver chosen by her son did not show up to look after her. At first, perhaps she thought she could do it on her own and told her son not to worry and to save the money to visit her. Towards evening, however, he realized he could not make it and with hunger he decided to contact 113. At his door shortly after he found two agents who went beyond their duties with a great gesture of humanity.

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She then proceeded to force the officers to eat it all while staring at them with a dissaproving look.